Thursday, February 25, 2010

53- Triple Thursday!

It was another Triple Thursday in the land of T-mart!  T'was quite a good one too, if I do say so myself.

Began with a 5 mile run with tempo 400 and 800 repeats.  I did it on the indoor track at the Y, which was a nice change from the treadmill.  I was sore this morning upon waking from yesterday nights' strength training, but felt good overall.  The workout was short, effective, and refreshing.  Next up: the swim!  I loooove swimming because of how good it makes my muscles feel.  Plus, I don't put any pressure on myself for swimming- I just go!  I look at the clock when I jump in, then just swim laps (I don't even count) of front crawl or with a pool buoy for the alloted time.  I know I'm slow at it, but its OK.  It is a nice change of pace from constantly thinking about paces, routes, conditions, etc when running.

Then, it was time for work.  Hah, yeah, that totally broke up my workouts!  Atleast today my 45 minute commute each way was indeed 45 minutes rather than double that like yesterday.

The third and final part of my workout was at run club tonite.  I met up with my usual friend who is training for Boston too.  He is my pace or slightly faster, so we always have a good run together.  Today was even better because we were joined by a local running 'star.'  Seriously, this girl is my idol- she is a couple years older and has a well below 3 hour marathon PR and gets flown places to race and sponsers and everything.  I was QUITE intimidated setting off on a snow covered 8 miler with her and my guy-friend but....I FELT GREAT>  (knock on wood!)  Totally strong and in control the whole time, chatting away with the two of them while really dialing up the pace.  So happy with the run tonite.  I just got home and ate a light dinner, but I'm still starving.  And it is the end of the week so my food stash is dwindling.  May have to go back to the kitchen to forage before bed.....

Tomorrow, I'm back at the bakery early.  I dunno if I'll get up oober early to run because I get out of teachign earlier tomorrow and therefore may have some time to squeeze in a decent workout later.  Plus, I hate to be already running only 8 hours after tonites' good run.  We shall see....

Good times runners!  Have great Fridays! :)


  1. wow i cannot fathom doing triple sessions! i'd be worn out and also eating EVERYTHING in sight. you go :)

    any future posts on how you fuel? just curious as youre such a talented runner and i'm always dying to know what works for others.

  2. Rock it out, rock it out... not much to say today since it's just obvious you rule.