Friday, February 19, 2010

59- busy day, hurting legs

Today was busy, but good.  Bakery work this morning, straight to an appointment I had (regarding said 'news' that I haven't shared yet.  no, its not a baby or engagement, so it's not THAT exciting).  After that, straight to PT, then to docs appointment, and by then it was 5pm and I had yet to get my run in!  Took a new trail by the river and felt *ok* except for my legs from the knee down.  The last few days I mentioned that my shins have been hurting.  Well, it is weird because they hurt barely when I run, but when I stop it feels like my legs are going to shatter from my knees down.  My knees, shins, and ankles hurt so bad I had to sit in my car for a few minutes until it subsided.  It was so sudden and intense!  I spent some time in an ice bath tonite, hoping to alleviate the pain, but we shall see.  I can't handle another set back right now.  Too much more and I'll have to rethink my Boston plans.....

Lots of decision making going on in my life right now too- exciting, but stressful!

Off to sleeps soon.  Loooong day 6am-5pm at the bakery tomorrow.

Have a good one y'all! :)


  1. i had a pretty busy day too. all of a sudden it was 5 an d i was like where did the day go?!

    hmmmm that's really interesting about your legs. do you think they're rebelling because you took time off then ramped up the mileage too fast? sounds like it could be shin splints but it also sounds like too much pain for it as well...take care and i'm sending good vibes your way!!

  2. I think no matter what your announcement is, I'll be very happy for you. So I'll wait with excitement.

    Hope your legs behave ASAP!