Sunday, February 28, 2010

52, 51, 50- Bum Internet and NEWS!

Edit: warning, this is a long post (3 days in one!) If you want the 'bottom line' skip to the bottom and read! **

OMG- It has been much too long!  For some reason, the last 2 days my internet has not been working at all.  On top of it, I haven't even been home enough to fix it/deal with it.  Soooo right now I'm multi-tasking- I'm doing laundry at the laundry mat (possibly for the last time- more on that later) eating my post-run salad lunch, and blogging!  Plus, checking email/reading other blogs.  Ok, update time- lots to say!

First the runs: the last couple of days have gone fairly well.  Friday made for blizzard-like conditions + 2 jobs for me, so I ended up running 70 laps on the indoor track at the Y after work(s).  (It sounds way more impressive than it actually is!)  Butttt, the good news is I got a good strength workout in afterward.  I literally fell asleep pre-8pm Friday night, because I'm that much of a crazy kid and I was exhausted after the week.  Atleast it made getting up for a 3:45am run *alittle* easier!  Normal Saturday 6am-2pm bakery shift- then my parents came out (more on that later!)

Today = long run.  To be honest (and this is really rare) I just wasn't feeling it.  Last night I was tired physically and mentally and the thought of being on the roads for 2.5 hours or so seemed rough.  I comprimised by letting my body sleep in and get a full 12 hours of sleep, had coffee for 1 hour or so and chilled, then headed out at 10:30ish.  17 miles = AMAZING.  I picked a challenging route, but it was also very scenic, taking me along the river, through the $$$ northern part of my town (very nice houses and a 'country' setting, and then along the hilly portion of my normal 10 mile route to end.  I had the option with 6 miles to go of taking the 'easy/flat-er' way, or the hard/hilly way.  I'm SO GLAD I challenged myself on the hills because I ended feeling strong.  Although my pace wasn't quite as fast as last week with my training parter, my legs feel muuucchhh fresher only an hour after my run.  And compared to my 14 miler at my parents' house 2 weeks ago- I'm like a different runner, my stronger, which is promising.

Now, onto my NEWS I've been speaking of the last couple of weeks.  Two big/fun things in my life.  First, I got a new car!  My current car has been with my for 7 years (since my junior year of high school) and has been great to me.  And although it is not dead yet, I know that it is only a matter of time before things start going wrong.  It is 10 years old, with 120,000+ miles on it and the fact is between going up north, to my parents' house on occasion, and my daily 100 mile round trip commute to teach, I need a really reliable car.  Sooooo, when the oportunity presented itself for me to get a 'new' 2007 CR-V from the same person I got my current CR-V from, I knew it was the right choice.  The CR-V is in great shape- seriously like a new car.  I cannot wait until I get the title transferred to my name so that I can start driving it in a week or so.  I'm trying not to think about the two downsides- It cost me a proportionately large amount of the money I make, and I have to get rid of my little 2000 CR-V that has been with me through my ups and downs of the past 7 years.

Second......I'M MOVING!  Just across town, but part of my stress that I haven't mentioned in the last week or so has been the process of apartment hunting.  It seriously took up full days during the last week and I saw probably 10 different complexes.  My parents came out yesterday to help me finalize a decision and we found THE PERFECT place.  Although I'm not gaining a whole lot of space, it is much nicer, with more ammenities, and in a better area (read= less student ghetto, more 'young professional.' )  BEST PART = THE GYM!!! It is brand new, with 4 TREADMILL, ellipticals, stairmasters, tons of strength machines, and open 24-7.  Hello 4AM workouts!  Plus, they have an olympic sized swimming pool for the summer!  I'm soooo excited (can you tell ;)  I've been wanting to make this move for awhile, because even though I like my current place, it is tiny and I've been there two years.  I'm ready for a real place with real furniture (ie couch, not futon, queen bed, not twin) and dishwasher, and washer/dryer!  Rent is higher, but I still got a great deal and I cannot wait to move in 2 1/2 short weeks.  I will take pics and post when I can.

Wow, this post is getting waaay too long, even for me.  I better go move clothes into the dryer!  SO GLAD this may be the last time I'm here (although I did admit to slightly loving the laundry mat, it is just too time consuming.)

If you want the bottom line of this post, and didn't want to read all of the above, here it is:
1) I've been super busy with work/fitting in runs the last couple of days
2) Had a lovely 17 miler along the river today with some challenging hills
3) Bought a new CR-V this week!
4) Rented a new apartment (with a SWEET GYM) and will move in in 2.5 weeks
5) Am happy that this may be my last laundry mat visit because I have my OWN washer/dryer in my new place
6) I'm lovin' life!


  1. yay new car! yay new digs! yay awesome 17 miler! such great stuff going on in your life. :)

  2. Yeay for everything and yeay for me actually making it all the way through your long post! :)

  3. That's a hefty dose of good news! Big time congrats! Good things happening to good people = I'm happy.