Wednesday, August 4, 2010

67- *meh*

Ok, this one is a quicky for sure.

Today was a run FAIL.  Despite heading out 'early' at 8:30am, it was majorly hot and humid.  I picked a very hilly route that I've been avoiding all summer until I was more ready.  15 miles with crazy elevation changes on roads with no tree cover.  Although, it wasn't terrible, I didn't drink until 11 miles in which I found out later was too long.  The last 4 miles consist of 3 miles of a crazy uphill, followed by a steep downhill that deadends into the Bay in town.  I literally ran right into the water.  My pace wasn't great, but OK for a hilly 15.  However, my mom picked me up and as we were driving back home my stomach started KILLING me.  As in, I couldn't even sit up straight.  Total buzz kill.  It didn't get better for hours after until I finally forced myself to drink.  As it turned out, that helped tons, so I think that it was major dehydration.  Ohh summer.  I do love you still, no worries.

So because of that, and because my mom and I had to postpone our trip into the city because of my stomach, I didn't get in my 6 recovery miles tonite.  I'll have to do them tomorrow along with my recovery miles, but that's ok.  Flexibility is a good thing.  Speaking of which, I should probably go stretch for the first time in about oh, 2 months...

My mom and I got some good shopping in.  I got some skirts for work (I have to wear a skirt everyday where I work, and it is really hard to find work-appropriate skirts that fit my insanely long legs).  Plus, some other randomness that I needed.  Good times.

Ok, I'm out for reals now!  C-ya!

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  1. bummer of that failed run. the humidity just kills! but try to think of it as a run that just makes other runs look and feel insanely good.

    and YES go stretch. something i should probably do as well