Friday, August 6, 2010

65- up north daze

Oh man, up north days....where do they go?

Today on tap: 18 miles, split into 14 in the morning and a shakeout for later.  The 14 went decent.  The temps were a bit cooler.  I did the first 9 alone at 8:04 pace.  I was 'racing' my virtual partner on my Garmin at the end.  Yeah, I'm a dork.  My mom met me at the top of the drive and we continued on the 5 mile 'hill route.'  Good times as usual.  Despite the fact that my mom and I live together right now up north and are together alot, there is seriously not a moment of silence on our runs.  We talk constantly.  I love it.

Then, somehow the afternoon slipped away.  Between boiling and de-cobbing a million ears of 'the best' corn with my dad for freezing, trying to fix an old computer, and falling asleep in the hammock (so breezy and perfect out!) it was 4pm and time for my shakeout.  I did it totally 'unplugged' with no Garmin, watch, or ipod (usually I where all three!)  It was actually really nice and freeing, and my tight legs felt better by the end.  Then, I went into the 'city' where there was a huge street sale on main street with live music and entertainment and stuff.  All of the stores had tent sales and it was fun just to wander around.  I went to the running store and saw one of my 'running mentors' and tried to work him for a good deal on shoes.  No luck, lol.  I stopped by my favorite cafe to get GF stuff, then picked up fro yo on the way home.  I justed pulled another batch of zucchini muffins out of the oven while watching really quality TV...Aka Wifeswap. 

OK, so this has totally turned into my diary of my day.  Lame.  But it was a good day!  18 miles, some relaxing, some productivity and some non-running related fun!

Peace, Love, and Running! :)

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