Sunday, August 15, 2010

56- more of a rest day, than a rest day!

Today was my 'long run' day- but a cut back long run.  It was interesting in that today felt more like a rest day than my actual 'rest day' yesterday, just because I did hardly anything besides run!  Slept in, went running at 11am, swim, napping/reading in bed, chatting with my sis on phone, and the 'big errand' taking the recyling into town. And of course picking up fro yo for dinner- always post long run.  Ready to be consumed when I am finished posting.

So the run. It was a good one.  Not because it was particularly far (it wasn't, only 16 miles).  Not because it was particularly fast (it wasn't).  But because it was sooo hard mentally to get out the door (hense the 11am start time.)  I don't know what it was but I just was NOT feeling it today, even though that is totally lame because it was such a short long run.  I was considering taking a *gasp* another rest day, or just doing a short run.  Butt, thanks to my mom helping me craft a new-er route, and agreeing to meet me for the last 4 miles, I set off.  My dad ran the first 1.5 with me, then turned around.  The weather was much more agreeable- although still mid-80s and sunny, less humid and very windy.  I.e. I didn't end the run drenched.  It actually went by fast and I felt strong the whole time and have little fatigue later in the day.  Which is a good thing.  So, although it was not epically great, it was still better and satisfying.

The weather made it perfect for opening the windows and letting the breeze blow through the upstairs.  Hense an afternoon reading/running journaling/sleep session.  Perfect. I've missed that refreshed feeling after a summer of sweating/having the AC on.

I'm excited to get back into more intense training this week. I feel refreshed mentally for running after lower milage and the mental 'low' this morning.  And of course, a few more days of low-responsibility up north are lovely before my life starts moving 1000 miles an hour again with workx2.  Although I am excited to start getting my regular teaching salary again. ;)  Not too many people are excited about a teachers' salary, but after part time bakery working this summer, my standards are set pretty

:) :) :)

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  1. yay for intense training! woot for having supportive parents too. i absolutely love that they were doing stuff to get you out there for the 16 :)