Wednesday, August 18, 2010

53- crazy busy + 18 miles

Whew!  I'm just sitting down at almost 10pm to blog- today has been crazy busy.  I'm leaving tomorrow to OFFICIALLY go home from up north, and will probably not be back for a very long time (besides maybe a day or two at Labor Day if I can sneak up between jobs)  Between shucking and poaching a boat load of corn to freeze (Michigan sweet corn is almost done :( cleaning the entire house and running errands for my parents so that things are good here when they come back, packing up all my crap, and of course running- I have been going all day!  It will make my morning tomorrow easier though, because stuff will be ready to go and cleaned up so all I have to do is run, shut the house down, and get on the road.  I am so sad about leaving and summer ending that I can't really bear to dwell on it right now.  I just need to move on......

So about running.  Yeah, not so hot today.  I think that although it has been fun to do my evening runs faster and I pretty much like just going with the flow pace-wise, I am not really using them to their full purpose- ie: recovery.  ie: 8:30-8:45 pace, not 7:25-7:40 pace as they have been.  This morning, I think that they caught up to me.  I did 12 miles with 1x2mile repeat at 7:13 pace.  I wanted to do a second repeat, but honestly, I was 6 miles into the run and my legs were dead.  I kept stopping and trying to stretch them, but nothing.  It turned out to still be a decent run- 8:06 pace overall, with the last mile at 7:42.  Just not a great workout.  Tonite, I did another 6 miler in another small town because I had to do an errand there anyway.  Pretty effortless run, at 7:55 pace with the last mile at 7:30.  I'm glad that I'm atleast doing better/working hard to negative split because that is a huge weakness of mine.  And sub-8s are feeling nice and comfortable up here where it is hilly and everything.  All in all, a decent 18 mile day, but not a great one. 

Ok, I gotta finish this cleaning up so I can get to bed!  Friday my life of 2 jobs, 6 day workweeks, and 14 hour days begin.....I miss up north already and I haven't even left!

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  1. hahah! oh the elusive recovery run. i have a hard time following them too (duh that's why we'd make excellent training buddies haha!)

    today has been crazy busy for me too. but i'm secretly enjoying it. well not so secretly as craziness is what i thrive on :)