Wednesday, August 11, 2010

60- speedwork, what!??!

I did it- I FINALLY forced myself to do legit speedwork today, on my own.  My training plan is pretty light in speedwork until the last 8 weeks, and I've been following my plan closely so I haven't "had" to do speedwork until now per say, but at the same time I'm also really scared of it.  It's just the idea of failure and of not being able to hit my paces that freaks me out.  But, today I bit the bullet and did the perscribed workout.  Slowly, but I did it!

On tap, 10 miles with 5x800 repeats with jog rest.  I started with 3.5 miles of warmups along the roads/hills.  It was super hot as it has been, but I'm pretty much used to it by now and the sun wasn't out, so it was nice.  I ended my warm up at a road nearby the hugs one side of the lake and is alittle under a mile long.  And fairly flat.  Which is rare for around here.  I set my Garmin to do the workout for me, so I just listened for its' beeps. I ended up doing the repeats at tempo pace, around 3:28 per half mile.  It would have been better to have them closer to my 5K pace, but honestly I was really proud just to do it!  1.5 mile cooldown after rounded out my 10 miles.  Then, I preceded to ring out my shirt and shorts.  Yeah, hottt.  I left a

Tried to get some prep done this afternoon, but my mom and I were not good at focusing.  We ended up watching Oprah (ha) then going for a 4 mile walk.  I had some frustrating things happen regarding teaching (regarding my prepping) and I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with it all right now.  I was hoping to be more on top of things and I'm not.  Less than 2 weeks until I start, and two week exactly until the students start.  Yikess....

Time to watch mindless TV and chill.... :)

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  1. jeez. i totally feel you with the whole fear of failure thing! but way to go on the speedwork! you totally rocked it :)