Thursday, August 5, 2010

66- better, much better

Today was a much better day in the world of running for me.  I had to make up the milage of yesterday, but still use it as a 'recovery' day.  So, I knew 17 miles were on tap total for the day.  I started the day with a new route that took me to the beach, along some sand trails, and back out onto the road and to the boat launch to meet my mom.  It was great to have a new loop that ended up being about 7.5 miles and I hit an 8:08 pace, which I am pleased with since it was on trails for part of it.  My mom and I ran 4 miles on a shaded road which went by really fast.  Actually our pace was really fast which was fun.  I like to push my mom every once in awhile! ;)

Morning run 11.5 miles, done.

Then I worked.  I actually got a ton of prep done and it felt great!  My mom was out with a friend, and the house was quiet and cool and breezy, so I SO wanted to nap.  I kept telling myself 'just work 10 more minutes' and pretty soon, my mom returned and I had been focused and nap free for 2 hours!  This. is. huge.

Tonite's run happened later than anticipated, but was awesome.  I did the "hill" loop.  This loop starts off going up a mile long hill.  Actually, the street is called "Mountain Road" which generally isn't a good sign for runners.  My Garmin never fired up until the top, so I don't know how ridiculously slow my pace was.  Buttt, the next 4.5 miles after Mountain were great!  7:50, 6:37!!! (downhill), 7:21, 7:25, 7:25 for a 7:19 average!  That is the fastest I've run up here all summer, so I was pumped.

Evening run, 5.5 miles, done.

17 miles in the books, and turkey meatloaf for dinner.  Can't complain about a day like that!

I'm on a prepping roll so I'm off to tackle sommore! :)

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