Thursday, August 12, 2010

59- 15 miles + my best ski ever!

This is by far the hottest summer we have had in Michigan in awhile.  I'm not complaining because I love the hot weather, but for running it has been alittle rough.  This morning, I did 12 miles- 8ish alone around our lake, then 4 with my mom.  My lap around the lake felt super-sluggish.  I'm not sure if it was the heat or the light speedwork from yesterday, but it was rough.  My Garmin died halfway through and I was hitting about 8:17 pace up until then but it felt hard.  Running with my mom = better.  Time always goes by fast when I am with her!  Then, tonite I did a 3 mile shakeout because I didn't have much time but wanted to get 15 miles for the day in.  It was opressively hot and sunny, but the run was so short that it didn't really matter.

My mom and I busted out lots of cleaning and errands in the daytime.  My dad ended up getting back up here from downstate just a few minutes before sundown.  The lake was glass-perfect for skiing.  I messed up my back the last time I skiied when he was here (I think Monday?) so I wasn't sure if I wanted to go.  Buttt, I lack any self control when it comes to being on the boat, with my ski, and the lake being glassy-flat.  Plus, I had gone thru all the work of uncovering the boat and getting it out of the hoist so it was ready when my dad got there.  You know where this is headed.....

It KILLED getting up because of my back.  But, once I was up I was like 'screw it' and just went for it.  My skiing was GOOD.  It was nice to have a good run becasue I really haven't been able to get in consistant enough skiing this summer to improve.  Tonite, I totally got in the groove though.  I knew it was a good run when my dad (who was driving) kept giving me thumbs up after my cuts, and my mom kept mouthing 'stop it!' because she's a mom and didn't want me going too hard.  Anyway, it was a great, long run that left me out of breathe and smiling at the end.  My idea of a great way to end the day!  And, my dad had a great run too!

15 miles + good skiing = good times.

I'm off to bed early-ish, so I can try YET AGAIN to get up earlier to beat the heat.  Plus, I gotta jet home tomorrow to work the Market again on Saturday.   Busy, busy!

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  1. i love the relationship you have with your mom! hope you can beat the heat tmrw! new england has been relatively cool lately. i wish i could package it up and send it to michigan for you