Sunday, August 22, 2010

49-finallllly blog time!

Oh man, it has been a whirlwind of a few days.  Between working and running and trying to get my life in order (fail) I have had zero time.  I hate to backtrack with life, so I'll try to make it quick....

Friday, I had to work 6-1.  I decided to do both of my 'recovery' runs after work.  The first at 1pm was terrible.  It was so hot and after about 2 miles, my legs died.  It was only supposed to be 6 miles, but I did 8 because that is my loop from the bakery. 8:16 pace felt like torture!  I seriously had to stop at 7.5 miles and debated if I could run a half mile!  Ugh.  Not good.  Later that night, I stopped on my way home at a popular park and ran 6 miles.  It was cooler and fairly scenic, so it wasn't quite as bad.  8:09 pace, which was fine for recovery.  Saturday was rough with everything from start to finish.  As much as I love working at the market, it is a 4:45am-5pm day that forces me to run later when I'm exhausted.   And have a long run to do the next morning.  Yeah, not ideal.

So today.  Long run.  I actually did something I haven't done alllll summer- I got up early to do a long run.  My running friends were running a race at 8:00am in a neighboring town and I haven't seen them in forever (especially Mike, who I train with), so I decided to run there.  I left my alarm set for 3:50am from yesterday, and got up then and was out the door at 4:50ish (I need time to eat a muffin and drink 1000x coffee).  The race was exactly 10 miles from my house, so I first decided to do a 10 mile loop back to my apartment to change my shirt and drink, then run to the race.  My normal 10 mile loop is out in the country (no lights) so I did a new-ish loop into downtown and campus, then back out.  It was pitch black the entire time which wasn't too bad because when the run came out about .5miles into the second loop it felt like I was just starting!  Despite the fact that I was wearing my ipod but never turned it on (security blanket) and that I was running crazy slow, the first loop went by fast.  I took about 2 minutes to pound some crack..aka blue powerade zero and change my shirt, and was off again.  The next 10 miles felt decent too, although even with the sun up my pace was slow.  My legs didn't feel tired at all until the last 2 miles which I think is just because I wanted to be done!  And, knowing that I didn't have to run back was nice!

I got to the race and couldn't find any of my friends, including Mike!  I had a momentary freakout because I didn't bring my phone (or anything) and I was 10 miles from home and as much as I love running, my legs were in no mood to make it a 30 mile day!  I did find them eventually and got to watch and catch up with Mike, which was good.  And, he drove me home. :)  It was pretty insane to be done with a 20 miler before 8am.  Insane in a good way.  After standing around for forever in a soaking shirt, I was freezing and so I immediately got in a hot shower, ate the world's most delicious peach, and passed out in bed for 2 hours.  And woke up starving.  Yeah, post-run sleep trumped post-run eats today. 

So now I'm busy trying to get my life in order.  Tomorrow is D-day.  Back to teaching full-time.  Meetings M-W, then students come on Thursday.  Even though it is a law in Michigan that school can't start until after Labor Day (to promote tourism), we are so lucky that we are a private school as is above the law......Plus, we get like 1000 random holidays off, so I can't complain.  I'm ready to get going.  My life will just have to get in order piece-meal. 

Here we go........

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  1. two recovery runs and both after work on friday?! those are NOT recovery. at all. they are definitely real runs ;) nothing wrong with that though

    i'm glad you ended up finding your friends. 30 miles in one day would have been just ridiculous. but the rest of that day sounds sick. in a totally good and i'm jealous way :)

    and my hometown public schools never started until after labor day either. annoying because we always got out in very late june!