Monday, August 16, 2010

55- in a funk

It's that time of year- reality is about to hit fast.  That thought has put me in a mental funk today.  Don't get me wrong, I love my job(s) and being busy and my life, but the eb and flow of my life is such that this time of year makes me a bit melancholy.  And it sort of all hit me today.  I have a couple more days up north but then-wham- that's it.  Over.  It is hard for me to get back up here once I start teaching because I work Monday-Saturday then between both jobs.  And although I didn't 'live' up here this summer as I have summer's past, it is still hard to leave.  Oh bother.  I'll get over it....

On to the good stuff- running!  Monday = recovery day as usual.  Today was the normal - 12 miles split into 6 morning and 6 evening.  The morning ones were uneventful, 8:06 pace which felt good.  I then proceded to prep for like 4 hours straight, which was awesome although progress is slow.  I knew I had to get out there again for my second run and honestly, I was itching to get up and move.  I do not do well sitting still for more than 20 minutes!  I also have an OCD about not going anywhere in the car all day.  So, my mom suggested that I go into the town nearby and run along the water for a change of scenery, and then pick up fro yo for dinner from a new place (she knows me so well!)  The run ended up being AMAZING.  It is super windy here, but otherwise the temp is great.  I felt decent, and, since I don't look at my Garmin until the end, didn't know my pace but figured it was just under 8min pace.  The route was beautiful, out along the bay and back.  I tried to pick it up at the end to insure if I was close to 8min pace, I would get under it.  So, it was pretty surprising/pleasing when I looked at my Garmin and saw 7:24 pace! :)  My splits were good for me too; 7:35, 7:26, 7:30, 7:19, 7:27, 7:09.  I. was. pumped.  Because it actually felt free/easy.  Finally, a run that went well!

I celebrated by going swimming at the beach where I parked.  It was mostly empty because it is Monday and the weather was windy/chillier.  Then, I picked up my fro yo (mocha flavored..mmm..) for dinner and brought it back home.  Hopefully it is as good as the fro yo from my normal place..I'll report back on that one when I'm done!

Hoping to pull out of this sad spot I'm in right now.  Transition is hard.  But having a good run makes everything better, right? :)

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  1. reality is about to hit me fast too! fingers crossed we can make it through?! haha.

    i'm jealous of your run. sounds beautiful and it was wayyyyyyyyyy fast. i like how you celebrated too.