Tuesday, August 31, 2010

41/40 - no internet, craziness

So my internet is officially non-existant like it was this summer.  And this week is so busy I have zero time to coffee-shop blog, but I stopped in anyway tonite because I needed to do some other stuff, I didn't want y'all not to be updated! ;)

Ok, running first.  Hmmm, not terrible, but not great.  Yesterday I did my normal recovery thing- 11 miles split into 5 at 4am, and 6 post bakery and teaching.  The morning run felt great- my fastest early morning run yet, 8:02 pace.  It was so freeing to fly through the dark streets as I hadn't done *that* early of a run in ages.  After work, I decided not to sit in traffic on the freeway and instead got some work done, drove one mile from my school to a random Meijer, parking-lot changed, and was off.  I ran up to the bank, cashed a check, and kept running- laughing at the cars that were actually moving slower than I was running!  This run didn't feel 'effortless' per say, but fairly good at 7:44 pace.  It was nice to drive home at 7pm and not have to sit in traffic too, plus have my run done.  Then I crashed by 9pm after being up since 3:45am.

Today, I hit up a good, hilly 10 miles this morning.  Down to campus and back out.  Campus is getting busier as classes are starting soon.  My legs never felt great, but not too bad either.  I think it was 8:20 pace or so.  This afternoon I busted out of work to try to beat traffic, but no such luck.  It is 95 degrees here, so I decided to hit up some trails to do a few miles of shakeout but ended up getting stuck in more traffic to get to the trails.  Then, once I got changed and headed off, I realized at the trailhead about 1/2 mile from my car that the trails were closed!?! WTF.  Yeah.  So I ran 4 miles basically around in circles on this short trail and up this cliff and back down.  8:10 pace, so not terrible.  My legs were stiff.

So life stuff.  Yeah, like I said before, this week is crazy.  My tomorrow is complete madness.  Bakery at 5am, teaching a long day, squeezing in a run, then rushing to get all ready (at my parents' house =closer) for "Parent's Night"from 8pm-9pm where I have to look teacher-y and legit even after being at work all day.  Yeah, wish me luck with that.  Then drive home.  Oye.

School is good, but wild.  My students are extremely energetic and I'm really trying to do a good job this year.  Which is causing more stress and work for me.  But in a good way, I guess because it means I care.  We'll see how long I can keep it up!

Ok, gotta run and pack the 1000 outfits I need for the day ahead tomorrow!

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  1. yay for updates :)

    double yay for good hilly 10 miles. i feel like all i've been doing lately is hills hahah.

    you are soooo busy! i don't know how you find the time to do so much and still run. keep it up girl :)