Sunday, August 8, 2010

63- I have the best parents.

Woo hoo!  I hit a milage PR this week and am SO proud.  103 miles.  Yessir.

But backing up....

The day began with a 20 miler.  Unfortunately, this put me out of the morning ski rotation.  I hate to pass up a ski, but it was already 10am and I knew if I didn't get out and at it, I would pay.  Dearly. 

The plan was to sacrifice boredom in favor of convience and no-brainer-ness.  So, I was to run 3x around the neighboring lake to ours.  Plus, a mile and a half to get to the road and same back.  So, I ran the first loop + some to the boat launch.  9.3 miles.  My pops then met me up at the launch and ran around the lake with me for a second time (just under 6 miles).  This also allowed me to drink a bit.  Although cloudy, it was super humid and my entire self was dripping sweat.  Grooosss.  Running with my pops, the sun came out, making the first half of the loop hot and full of traffic.  Soon enough, we were back at the launch.  My mom met us there and her and my pops switched off.  My mom and I then completed the third loop + the 1.5 miles back home (just under 5 miles total.)  In total = 20 miles.  This was my fastest 'long run' up north so I'm happy.  I am so appreciative of my parents tailoring their schedules and their running to help me with mine.  It made the run so much more mentally effortless and I cherish times to run with them.  I am also lucky they are so kick ass that they can keep up! ;P

Unfortunately, my skin is not doing great.  The ugly truth is that I am pretty much chafed everywhere.  My shorts were soaking wet and rubbed the front and back of my legs raw.  As well as the waistband on my back.  Plus, my sports bra is basically tatooed onto me with red scars.  Not cool.  And the blisters on my feet are getting blisters.  It's all worth it though. ;)

Solution: spend the afternoon in the water.  We took the boat out into the middle of the lake to listen to Jimmy Buffet (lol) and float around and tan.  However, after about 5 minutes of attempted tanning I had to abandon ship (literally!) because all of the chafing was burning in the sun.  Instead, I strapped on a lifejacket, grabbed our tow rope, and my pops pulled me behind the boat at about 5mph.  Felt. so. good. On my legs and my skin.  Perfect way to spend the afternoon!

This up coming week is a 'cut back' week with my training cycle.  Milage drops back a bit after the last 3 weeks right around 100 miles.  We'll see how it goes!

I'm off! :)

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