Sunday, August 29, 2010

42- caught up....for now.

Today was totally the day I've been dreaming about for....weeks....I got a chance to catch up on stuff and deep clean my apartment, as well as pack up and actually feel ready for the week.  As in, all my prep is done for all 5 days, yay, plus my apartment looks great and is complete with fresh sheets and towels (which doesn't happen nearly as much as it should....)  And I cooked a local organic chicken I bought from a farmer at the market yesterday.  So I have meat for the whole week!  Or atleast a few days....And I slept for 12 hours.  Double what I've gotten the last week per night.  nicccce.

Basically, all is going well- except running.  I took this week super-easy, including *gasp* a couple of days off, and decided today just to do a 'run' not a 'long run.'  But it was bad.  8 miles and the last two seriously were torture.  I don't know how I've gone so downhill in the last week or two, but I have.  And I'm freaking out.  I only have 6 weeks and I feel like I've gained nothing from my training and am worse off than ever.  And it sucks.  And I don't know what to do anymore.  I'm going to jump back on my training schedule tomorrow, but my confidence is way down at this point.  We will see how it goes.....

Tomorrow marks day 1 of my 4 bakery shifts this week on top of teaching.  So its 6am-10am bakery, 10am-11am drive, 11:15am-4:45pm teach.  Then, I'm going to try to make all my copies at school after work and probably run around there.  Then drive home when traffic is clear so I can maintain my sanity!  Ha, we will see if that happens too!

I'm out! After a productive day, I'm going to read and relax before the craziness begins!

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  1. man you make me feel like a slug.

    and NEVER say youve gained nothing from your training. you are a superstar runner who is just going through a short slump. it'll pass and then you'll be wondering why you ever doubted this.

    stay calm and don't freak out. everything is going to come together. 6 weeks is PLENTY of time. i know it doesn't seem like it but it is. :)

    that's my pep talk for the day. have a great evening of relaxing!!