Friday, August 13, 2010

58- home and back

I seriously almost forgot to blog tonite!  What would the world do without an update from

Somehow magically when I arrived at my apartment, my computer was picking up bootleg internet from somewhere.  So, I didn't have to crash the coffee shop tonite!  Yay!  I drove back because I'm working my first 'solo' market tomorrow for the Bakery.  It promises to be a long day with a 4am wakeup call, 5am start to my shift, packing up the van and driving to the market (45 minutes), unpacking + market from 7am-3pm, and then repacking, driving back, and unpacking everything at the bakery.  Then, the kicker is the I am going to go right up north from there, so another 4 hours in the car, after just doing it today.  Blah.

But enough about that, honestly it shouldn't be too bad.

Today's run(s) on the other hand- bad.  I feel like I haven't had a really solid run in a couple of weeks and just feel TIRED.  Which is lame because I haven't been working and although I've been doing stuff up north, it is no where near my normal level of busy.  I tried to beat the heat by running 'early' at 8am (rather than 10am as I have been) but honestly, it still felt terrible out.  13 miles at a lame pace that I just wanted done.  I was dripping wet in the end and these two women looked at me like I was gross/crazy/weird as I stood ringing out my shirt and shorts at the top of our driveway leaving a puddle.  Classy, I am.

I then proceded to drive drive drive.  I had about 30 minutes when I got back to my apartment before leaving for an appointment so I squeezed in a quick 2 miler on the treadmill in the air conditioning.  + a quick swim.  Good call.

In other news, my back is really messed up.  Ironically, it hurts the least when I run, and the most when I sit/lay/sleep/drive for 4 hours.  I'm hoping it gets better soon!  I need to be pain free and I need to ski more!

Ok, I'm already up much too late for a 4am wakeup.  Tomorrow might (gasp!) end up being a rest day, simply because I have zero time to run and would have to get up at 2am or something crazy to get it in.  I've run for the past 51 days straight, so I hate the thought of a rest day, but alas, it happens!

I'm off!  Have a good night!

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