Tuesday, September 28, 2010

12- not having to go to work = priceless

Getting paid the same and not having to go to work = beyond priceless.  I don't think being salaried will ever get old....

Tonite I'm back at the apartment.  So glad I spent the early afternoon cleaning on Sunday before I left- I absolutely love coming home to a perfectly clean place!  I did a quick 5 miler this morning in POURING rain.  And since I had no jacket, I had to wear my dad's.  Which was a wee bit big.  By the end, I'm sure I looked like a drowd rat, and the oversized jacket weighed about 10lbs.  Sweeet.  Then, tonite I went to the running club that meet right by my place.  We did a 7 miler through some seriously wet and intensely hilly trails.  It was fun though.  Since this isn't my normal group (Thursday night group is a different group/different shop) I am much more quiet and reserved.  It is kind of nice just to run and listen to other people talk.  I'm very much a talker, so it is a good reminder just to chill out and listen!  I've come to realize that it is this groups MO to start off very slowly but pick it up each mile.  Which is tough because the last few miles are always uphill.  But it is good practice for me, because that is NOT my nature ever.

12 mile day = good thing.  Working EARLY at the bakery tomorrow = rough.  Especially when I've been sleeping in these past few days.  But, my shift is short.  And I have lunch with Mike planned to celebrate his Bday.  Should be a good day.

I'm off to watch Biggest Loser.  I'm hoping it gets better because I found last week's premier to be incredibly boring and repetitive.  Which stinks because NBC is one of the 2 or 3 channels I get in my cable-less world!

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  1. i guess technically i'm salaried too although it's a gov't stipend so it's not any money!

    i had a 12 mile day too. we are hardcore :)

    hope the biggest loser is good tonight! i don't have any televsion channels so you have 2 more than me :)