Monday, September 13, 2010

27- split run(s), good run(s)

Ok, a couple minutes to blog....

Unfortunately, my crazy family weekend + the market + unexpectedly having to drive home to my parents' house last night so I could have my car brakes fixed today (hello $$$) meant that I got very no....prep work done this weekend.  So, I'm sort of taking teaching day-by-day this week.  Which I hate.  So I must get back to it!

But first: quick weekend run down!

Time with my sis and bro in law Friday night was fun!  Local burgers = epic.  The market dawned bright and early Saturday morning and I was running on about 1 hour of sleep after staying up later with my sis and bro in law + sleeping uncomfortably on the couch so they could have the bed.  Yeah, I'm that nice.  But, I do really like the long, crazy, market day and plus my sis and mom came down to visit + bought me veggies because I have zero time to 'shop' when I'm there, manning the booth.  When I finally got off at 5pm, I high tailed it home, then drove another 45 minutes to our family reunion thingy which was fun but lasted until almost midnight. Ie: by then I had been up for 20+ hours and was sleeeeepy.  Upon driving home, I realized that my brakes were messed up.  Awesome.  Atleast my sis kept me awake!

Finally getting to sleep at 1am, I set the alarm for 6:45am and woke up feeling horrible.  Hungover, even though I didn't drink??!?!  I considered blowing off my 10 miler, but after drinking some juice I felt better so I headed out.  I felt really good and speedy, but my pace sort of buzz-killed me when it came back as a 8:17 average.  Blah.  Post-run, my parents drove out and met my sis, bro in law, and I at this amazing high-class brunch buffet.  Yum.  I got my money's worth, but unfortunately got "glutened" somehow which made the last 24 hours or so...not very....pleasant.  But atleast it was delicious!  We celebrated my mom and sis's b-day so presents were involved.  Then, off they went back to Chicago.  My dad then determined my brakes were broke, which meant I drove back to their house so my dad and I could deal with the car today and I could still get to work.  (my dad and I work about 5 miles from each other!)  Lots of $$ later, it was fixed.  I guess that's the joy of the fact that I'm on pace to put 30,000+ miles on my car this year.  Oye.

Running today was supposed to be 12 miles, split into 6/6.  It was close to that, and honestly went really well.  This morning, I had very limited time after dropping off my car and driving my dad to work, before I had to get to work so I knew I had to go fast.  Here's how the 6 miler went down:

7:48, 7:34, 7:29, 7:40, 7:35, 7:11 = 7:33 average; pretty 'negative' splits for me!

Then, post-work my dad asked if I wanted to do 3 miles after we picked my car up.  But, he wasn't ready to leave work yet, so I did 3 miles right away around his office alone. 

7:53, 7:30, 7:15 = 7:32 average; one second faster than this morning! :p

Post-car pick up my pops and I did another 3 at a 8:25 pace.  It was really good chatting time, although lots was about my finances and future.  Thanks pops.

So yeah, that about catches everything up.  It is 8:34pm and I'm still not ready to go for tomorrow, and still haven't had dinner.  Time to get on that!

Peace out! 

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  1. i wake up hungover all the time sans drinking! (it's because we're dehydrated!) so go drink some h2o girl :)

    8:17 average a buzzkill? want to give me that?! i'll take it off your hands ;)