Tuesday, September 14, 2010

26- nice to meet you, speedwork

It has been much too long since I did any kind of formal speedwork.  With my running partner sidelined with a foot injury, my motivation to do anything formally fast declined rapidly.  Read: it hasn't been happening.  Buttt, tonite I changed that.

First, this morning.  It began with a glorious sunrise 8 miler around my parents' house.  It was 'chilly' in the 50s and although my legs were tired, the run went by fast.  I think it was an 8:13 pace?  I dunno.  I tried to keep it easy so I would have something left for tonite.....

Then, I molded minds all day.  ie: I taught.  Atleast tomorrow is the 15th and it is FINALLY our first pay day even though we have been working for 3+ weeks.  That's all I have to say about that.

Rushed home, dumped my stuff and changed, then sped to campus where my cities "Track Club" meets on Tuesday night to do workouts.  I met with them a few years ago in college for a few weeks, but then dropped off when I started running club for my school, and training for marathons.  Well, I looked them up online and tonite's workout read 3x1 mile with 400 jog rest.  Uh oh.

I did a warmup, met some people, then much too soon, the workout began.  My goal was just sub-7s for all of them because my legs have so many miles on them and I haven't done this short of speedwork in forever.  The first one felt effortless, and I hit it in 6:13.  Ooops.  Yeah, bad plan.  The second one was much harder.  6:32.  The third one, my legs were screaming!  6:50.  Crap.  I suck at pacing.  But, I was pretty proud of that considering everything.  I'll take it.

Randomly, I am getting internet at my apartment tonite.  Ironically so because I FINALLY bit the bullet and ordered wireless service.  So.  Much.  $$$$.  Alas, thus is life.

Alarm is set for 3:53am!  Bakery morning, teaching afternoon, run after it all.  Blah.  I hate doing things in that order!


  1. oh hello speedwork for me too! ugh for such an early wakeup for me too. not as early as you but ouch! soooooooo i should be sleeping right now hahah. but nooooooooooo.

    great speedwork in any case. you rock :)

  2. Awesome job with the mile repeats, way to keep them all under goal! You are so super speedy, I am envious. Great job!