Wednesday, September 22, 2010

20, 19, 18 - back to blogging

The combo of my buzz kill post Sunday, lack of time, and spotty internet made posting the last couple days not happen.  Hopefully this will be a quick recap.

Monday I ran.  Standard run.  Honestly, I dont' really remember much of it.  8:16 pace maybe?  Felt ok.

Yesterday was a good day though!  Did 6 miles in the morning at 8ish pace.  Then, busted my butt through traffic after work to meet up with a running group that meets at the running shop that is literally 1 mile from my house at 6pm.  It was really fun!  The pace started out reallly slow, so I worried at first because it was downhill at the beginning and I just wanted to *go*.  But, it was good self restraint for me!  I ended up just listening to other people's conversations for the first few miles.  Our leader led us down to these cool trails and this dam that I didn't even know existed, even though it ajoins to a park that I run in all the time!  So, that was cool.  Each mile we kept picking it up a bit.  Finally, I was pushing the pace with another guy who had recently done a 50 mile race.  Since this is on my horizon for sometime in the future, I grilled him about it!  We stopped at a water fountain about 5 miles in and from there, ran back to the shop.  It was ALL uphill including the mock "heartbreak" hill that I did repeats on last spring pre-Boston.  And have avoided ever since.  Me and the guy were still pushing at a 7:30 pace at this point up the 3/4 mile hill and I was trying desperately to keep up with the conversation while having it seem effortless because I am vain and like to look bad ass!  We finally crested the hill with less than a mile to the running shop and me and two guys really opened it up.  My legs were shot, but it felt great.  All in all, a great 8 mile evening run to round out 14 miles for the day.

Today I kept it short and sweet as I'm trying to hold my miles to the 70s this week.  I was at the bakery SUPER early ie: 4am, because there was a butt load of special orders and additional things on tap for the day.  I was out by 9am though and conviently I am off from teaching for awhile so I could head home and run.  I don't know if it is the combo of adrenaline from getting up early or the infinity of caffeine I ingest in the form of coffee at work, but these post-bakery morning runs seem to be pretty decent.  I headed out into the 80 degree/humid morning as summer seems to have returned to Michigan.  I headed downhill of course from my apartment, making up a loop as I went.  My shins are really killing me lately so I tried to hit up some dirt roads.  I actually felt *smooth* for a change.  Like my body and my mind weren't fighting me the whole time like usual.  Which was nice.  So I went with it.  I did 6 miles at 7:42 pace with splits between 7:27 and 7:50 the whole time.  Even on the uphills! :)  Then, I did two easy miles at 8:25 pace to shake everything out.  All in all, a pleasing 8 miles and I was done for the day. 

I'm still feeling the mental funk a bit, but trying to pull through.  I'm not sure if my running is making me feel bad mentally, or if my mental state/life stuff is making me think about/run bad.  Oh well.  I will give it time and see how it goes.

Good news is, I am off from teaching for over a week!  We start in the middle of August because of a break that happens now.  I need to prep for the next three months though (literally) so I am making myself work a set amount each day so I stay on task.  It is times like this though, when I am happy/fortunate to be a salaried worker.  Today I made the same amount as I do everyday! :)

Tomorrow I have a coffee date with an old/good friend.  And my dad will be in town so he is bringing a bookself I bought last week.  And run club at night.  Coupled with a morning run, should be a good day!

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