Tuesday, September 7, 2010

36, 35, 34, 33 - ohhh man

Yeah, so apparently I gave up blogging for a few days.....ironically though because I actually have internet at my parents' house up north (unlike my apartment).  Butt, in my defense, I was too busy recovering from my crazy week....lol.

So yeah.  Recap time.

Saturday = market day.  It was sooo cold.  Ironically again, because the last few weeks it has been unreal-ly hot which stinks when you are loading and unloading a huge van full of tables, bread, pastries, cheese, etc.  But somehow our booth is in a wind tunnel and it was terribly cold allll day.  I did have my Boston jacket on which was bad ass looking, but not-so-warming.  So yeah.  Cold day.  Sales were insanely good though.  Unlike driving 4 hours after work.  But I got up north, which was nice.

Sunday was a good day.  10 miles that were effortless.  I did the first 6 alone, then met my mom for the final 4.  It was nice that I did my long run on Thursday, so I could just do the 10 and be done.  Monday, was good too- 8 miles around our lake....4 with mom, 4 with pop.  yeah, they drive halfway and switch the car...lol.  i love my parents.

Otherwise, the weekend was spent doing prep work, sleeping in, chilling out, and chatting with my parents' about my life goals and dreams.  true story.  Plus, seeing "The American" with some friends.  Terrible movie.  I'll leave it at that.  George Clooney is hot.  Nuff said.

So now, I'm back at it.  Luckily, I only have to teach one day this week..ie today...because of holidays.  Actually, I'm 'teaching' right now.  Awesome.  I gotta do the bakery thing tomorrow morning, but after that I got nothing 'scheduled' until Saturday market day.  And my sis is coming Friday!  Yay!  So, this week should be alot better than last week.  Time to get ahead on my prep work and hopefully bite the bullet and get internet for my apartment.

Oh!  And running!  Today, I did 10 miles before work around the flat-ness of my parents' house.  Tonite, I'm planning another 4-5 more, depending on my timing and motivation level.  Plus, a trip to Verizon to get a NEW PHONE.  Yeah, my phone is from high school.  True story.  This is an epic day.  Even though I've already been to 2 verizon stores today with no luck, I'm determined to make it work tonite when I'm back in my town.  Yes, this is the plan.

Ok, I gotta go finish my workday!

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  1. yay new phone! enjoy picking one out :)

    and great running. i'm so impressed and in awe of all the running you get to do with mom and pop!

    i'm also in awe of your 1 day teaching week. but not too much because i know how busy you'll be with other stuff hahahah