Wednesday, September 8, 2010

32 - love it or hate it

Today has been a lovely, semi-productive fall-feeling day!

When I last left you, I was at work.  On the way home, I pulled off the freeway to run in a random town.  However, my Garmin was dead so I had to run for time.  And my legs felt like lead.  So I did 4 or 5 miles and called it a day.  14 or 15 was good enough for the day!

Today = no teaching! :)  Today = 4:30am bakery :(  Today = leaving at 9:30am!  I got my evaluation at the bakery and my (amazing) boss was really complementary.  We talked alot about the market too, which was good.  And, I got out of work and didn't have to drive + teach and it was Wednesday, so I went to the farmer's market in town.  And scored some awesome broccoli.  Roasted broccoli = my new obsession.

Then, it was run time.  No expectations for my run today.  I had a route planned out in my head to try, but had no idea how long it would be.  I figured 9-10 ish.  So I strapped on my (newly charged) Garmin and went at it, deciding not to check the Garmin the whole time and just GO.  The route took me through the streets the long way to a park by the river.  Then, it followed a path through the park and came out at the mouth of the notorious "Parkway" (ie hill-tastic road).  The run to the park was nice, about 5 or 6 miles of gentle hills trending toward downhill.  Temps were nice too, 60 degrees ish, but REALLY windy.  Through the park it was against the wind, but I *hoped* the trees would block it a bit.  They may have, though it was hard to tell because the wind was still pretty strong!  I'm completely a road runner at heart, but this particular path was nice (and paved!) so it was good times.

Then, it was onto THE parkway.  I figured I was at 7 or 8 miles at this point.  This particular road is known by area runners because of it's upslope.  As I have mentioned before, basically all roads are uphill to my apartment.  Which is where the title of this post comes in.  I HATE hills, but I LOVE the fact that I know they are good and are making me a stronger runner in the end.  And it makes my pace feel more bad ass when I know I've done it on a hilly route!  The parkway has wide sidewalks on both sides, and is a huge 4 lane road seperated by a boulevard.  I ran on the opposite side than I usually do today, which actually was a huge mental lift.  It is a tough road in that at first, the upslope is gentle to the point where one may think that it is just tired legs causing that feeling fatigue.  But, the hill just gets steeper until the last 1/2 mile you want to cry.  Or die.  But I digress....

Finally, after conquering all of the hills and the parkway, I checked my Garmin when I was about 1/2 mile from my apartment.  This showed me that a) I was at 10.18 miles (which means I will go 11 because I always run to the next even number) and b) I was AHEAD of my virtual partner (ie 8 min pace) which I didn't think I would be.  Since I was barely ahead though, I had to push the last little bit.  Which felt good.  All in all, hit up 11 miles at 7:55 pace with the last mile at 7:32.  Not bad for a relaxed run.

Honestly, I think the weather helped too.  As much as I am a heat and sun worshiper, I ended today feeling good and like I didn't need to jump the nearest pedestrian for his water.  Which is always a good thing.

Anddd, now I'm 'supposed' to be getting work done at this coffee shop, rather than blogging/reading blogs.  Yeah, it will happen eventually.  My crock pot is cooking me soup full of local vegetable for dinner.  Thanks crockpot.  I actually laid down for 30 minutes this afternoon and it was amazing having cool fall air coming through my window, and the smell of soup cooking coming through my door.  Ahhhh, yes.

Oh! And the phone!  I finally got it last night!  I'm obsessed.  As in, I can't put  it down.  Although I dont' know how to answer it yet....I've hung up on my mom twice and had to call back.  Oh well.  Me and technology are still getting to know each other....

So before this post gets any longer/more random/more lame/more like me being a 13 year old writing in diary, I will go!  Work time for realz!

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  1. ummmm 7:32 as a relaxed run last mile?! can i be you?! crazyness. sounds like it was a fabulous run

    and woooooooooooot to the crockpot! seriously it is a lifesaver for me too. crockpot looooooooooooooooove :)