Friday, September 24, 2010

17, 16 - enjoyment = up, productivity = down

Hmm, yeah, that title describes my last two days......I'm accomplishing stuff, but not nearly enough.  Must. Get. On. That.

Both days have been awesome though.  I've been 'working' but not at either job, which is lovely.  Yesterday began with a quick 6+ mile run at 7:44 pace.  Felt good.  Dirt roads were fun.  Then, I hurried to meet my friend for coffee at my favorite hippie coop downtown.  She is actually an old boss of mine at the restaurant I worked at for 5 years up north in the summer.  So fun to catch up!  Before we knew it, it was 2:30pm!  I was starving and my dad was stopping by my apartment to drop off my bookself, so I busted my butt home, got to see my pops for 2 minutes, and he was off.  My bookself looks awesome though, no more crap piled in the corner!  And so much more accessible.  And, my pops brought my Chicago confirmation....yikes......

Then, it was running group time! (see what I mean about productivity....)  Since Mike is still not able to run, I ran with some other people at a nice, relaxed pace.  We did 6.5 miles then had to 'packet stuff' again.  But it is actually really fun because everyone just chats it up and Mike was there too.  Him and I get really intense/competitive with the packet stuffing which ends up resulting in us laughing but also getting alot done!  It was kind of sad though, because we are prepping the stuff for "Woodstock" which is the 50K I did spur of the moment last year, and one of my first "real" posts.  You should read it! ;)  Anyway, I'm bummed because I won it, and would love to go back and defend my title, but a 50K two weeks before my marathon doesn't seem smart.  Last year I still had lots of weeks until Philly so it was OK.  But anyway....I guess you can't do it all!

I got home late from all those good times, ate a half of a squash for dinner (dont' judge) and passed out.

And then it was today!

Today = "long run" which now seems short because I did my last 20 miler last Friday so today was 'only' a 15 miler.  I decided to do it on the same course from last week, and just cut off the loop down to campus to make it 15 instead of 20.  The temps were in the 80s, and I was OK with that until the weather man told me there was a "wind warning". I didnt' even know there was such thing!  40mph winds were predicted with 55mph gusts!?!?!   Oh boy.....

The run started out OK.  My Garmin wasn't charged, so I had to go old school with my stopwatch.  The first 4 miles felt really fresh......until I turned and realized that was because I had been crusing with the wind at my back!  The next 7 miles were some of the toughest ever.  In two directions of the 'square' of the run, the wind was right in my face.  The first 3 of those 7 miles were hard- until I turned and realized that they were nothing compared to the next 4 miles I would face.  Honestly, I had to laugh when it started to rain horizontally!  My wrap-around ear buds kept blowing out of my ears, which really didnt' matter much because it was hard to hear my music over the wind anyway!  I knew roughly where the mile marks on the course were, so I kept checking my pace and realizing that it was decent- especially considering the conditions.   My quads were screaming though!  I just kept repeating "I am hard core" in my head the whole time.  Including when I almost got blown off an overpass....over the freeway...yeah, true story.  Good times.

I did a good job pushing the pace until the end.  I'm not sure exactly without mile by mile splits, but it felt pretty consistant, in spite of the wind.  Overall..... 15 miles at 8:13 pace.  Yeah, I'm actually really pleased.

My afternoon has been spent working at the coop...while blog reading.  Atleast my grading is done.  Reading papers written by 7th graders about "States of Matter" requires lots of coffee....and blog breaks......

And tomorrow is the market!  :)  Other than the 3:33am alarm, it promises to be a good day!

Happy Weekend!

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  1. i'd still call that productive! especially if you're enjoying yourself. that is never a bad thing!

    and yes you are hardcore. transfer some to me?! ahahah!