Thursday, September 9, 2010

31- changing plans and tired legs

Ahhh, a day off of work.  Niceeee.  It is times like this when it was worth it to start teaching 2+ weeks before all other schools so that we can have holidays off. 

So today....

It is amazing how much differently I can feel on runs from one day to another.  Today, I did 10 miles at 9:30am (probably my fav time to run) in cool temps and felt TIRED.  I did a route that I did lots of times when I first moved last spring, but hadn't done all summer.  It was similar in topography to yesterday's run in terms of downhill, then uphill.  I wish it felt as good as yesterday...but it did not.  Still, I rallied in the end for a negative split of 7:45 last mile and 8:06 pace overall.  So, not as great as yesterday, but judging by how I felt I was thinking more along the lines of 8:30s-8:40s.

About 5 minutes after I got out of the pool after running (and the jacuzzi :) I realized that I will not be able to do my long run on Sunday because I have plans with my family.  This bummed me out because I was planning to do the run with a running group that meets at the running shop about 3/4 of a mile away from my apartment.  Sooo, I must do it tomorrow.  Hopefully.

Then, for some reason, all plans for productivity went out the window when I realized how insanely tired I was after lunch.  I seriously had no power over the tiredness and passed out until 4pm!  And could have slept longer, but my legs kept twitching and it was driving me nuts!  Anyone ever have this happen?  I do every one in awhile, but I feel like my calves/hamstrings/quads have been twitching for two days straight!  I dragged my butt out of bed to go to the coffee shop to work (errr, blog read....)  I'm not running any more today because I really would like to have a quality long run tomorrow and I'm so exhausted, which is lame because I didnt' even have to work today.

In exciting news, my sis and bro in law are coming tomorrow night!  I haven't seen them since early July, so I'm pumped.  They are staying with me and we have this family reunion thingy on Saturday, followed by birthday brunch for my mom and sis on Sunday (hense the long run shift).  Plus I think they are coming downtown to see me at the market on Saturday.  Sooo, I should probably actually get work done now!

Send me your remedies for twichy legs!  They are driving me nuts as I sit here typing in my recovery socks!

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  1. i love it when paces are faster than you think they are! definitely better than the alternative.

    as for twitchy legs....i actually kind of like the feeling. my dad told me when i was young that it meant i was building muscles and the idea stuck. so YAY muscle hahah. but i've heard salt and potassium and water help with relief