Monday, September 27, 2010

15, 14, 13 - SURVIVOR

True story: I came home to my parents' house last night to catch up on the next season of SURVIVOR that just started.  Yeah, they have Comcast and DVR and stuff I don't have, so I can catch up on the first two episodes.  My dad and I have been watching Survivor since the 2nd season when I was in 8th grade together.  We try to get together every few weeks and watch the episodes together when we can.  It is one of the only TV shows I really follow anymore, due to my life + the fact that I don't have cable and only get 2 or 3 channels at my apartment.  So this post will be quick so I can get back to the first episode before my dad gets home and we watch the second together.

My weekend was crazy, as usual.  But, my week is much more chill being off from teaching.  I actually got alot of prep work done today at my parents' which is good.  It is so nice to have a big table and 'office' to spread out in, as well as internet.  And copious amounts of coffee.  And Ollie the cat.  Something comforting about being at 'home' even when I am old and consider my apartment 'home' now.

Running wise, meh.  I'm trying to keep this week at around 50 miles.  Less than 2 weeks and at this point, I think less is more.  Today I did 8 miles total- 5 easy this morning on a nice familar loop, then 3 this evening with my mom when she got home from work.  I totally yammered on about the marathon and stupid stuff the whole time.  I love my mom for putting up with it!  It must have felt like a long 3 miles!  We went to the gym afterward, but I kept the strength training to a minimum and did some stretching because at this point I don't want to do anything too crazy/drastic and I've been doing zero strength training.

Tomorrow I'll hang out here for a bit, then head back in the evening and perhaps hit up the group run by my apartment.  I have to work at the bakery bright and early Wednesday.  Hopefully the prep will continue to go strong during the day.  Although I welcome suggestions for sweet 7th grade science activities!

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  1. gahhhhh i need to do some major tv catchup myself!

    i'll give you some of my awesome feeling running vibes. or not because you're right than less is more at this point -- i'll save them for race day ;)

    7th grade science? hmmmmmm maybe volcano making? magnets? you can take metal shavings and put them on paper and see how magnetic fields line up...