Thursday, December 3, 2009


December is here already!  How did that happen?  Honestly, it is so true that time goes by faster as you get older.  Sometimes I cannot believe that I am teaching and 'molding young minds' when I still feel like a students myself!  Craziness.

December is my big month of reevaluation and getting all set up to tackle the New Year with all the pieces in place.  For me, this means getting my training in order, as well as my life- probably in that order, ha.  I'm really excited to start a 'formal' plan on December 28th (16 weeks pre-Boston) so I'm spending time formulating what that is going to look like.  I'm currently looking to do about 80 miles per week max with 3 double days each week.  I also want to do 3 swims per week and 3-4 strength training sessions.  I'm meeting with a nutritionist too to get a better idea of how to fuel all this activity because I'm sort of a random, chaotic eater who can eat fro yo and trail mix and nothing else, and I want a balanced plan to go off of.  I was thinking the other day how much I wish I could run professionally or at a high level, so I decided that even though I'm no where good enough to do that, I can still train like a pro!  This includes training, nutrition, stretching, rest, ice baths, recovery, etc.  I've never really focused on encorporating everything at once and I'm very excited to get everything up and 'running.' Ha.  For now, I'm keeping it pretty chill, training wise with one exercise session per day and keeping the milage lower.  I'm getting 'hungry' to start training hard, which is exactly the way I want to feel come December 28th! 

OK, well I'm back to work!  Happy Thursday! :) 

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  1. yeah my "formal" plan should start then too (i'm doing boston as well!) i'd definitely be interested in seeing your plan posted. i'm looking to peak around 70 (or just north of it) so i'd prolly be stealing some ideas from you because i'm lost as to where to begin!

    and craziness indeed about it being december!