Monday, December 28, 2009


Well, day one of one hundred and two was a success!  Although I was certainly tested by the weather- cold, snowy, windy on my 5 miler this morning.  Buuttt, all was made OK with the help of my brand new GARMIN 405!!! Yeah, I'm pumped enough to include three exclamation points!  My mom originally got it for my dad, but he was gracious enough to 'regift' it to me in exchange for my 205, as he figured I would be more into the technology and figuring out all the features.  Good times ahead for sure.

So, 5 snowy miles in the books, 45 minutes of strength training/stretching afterward.  Tonite I did my (what will now be) standard core/stretching/rolling for 30-40 minutes, and am now soaking my feet.  My dad is really grossed out by the fact that I am doing this at the kitchen table while eating cereal and drinking coffee.  Yeah, it does look kind of gross.  Sometimes I don't realize how random stuff I do is until I am not at my own apartment.  Sorry family.

The mileage will be kind of low for me this week, just cuz I've been non-running/cross training more than running the last 5 weeks since Philly.  It will pick up fast- count on it.  I made a huge schedule on a poster board old-school style with my milage and workouts for each day.  I'm high tech like that.

In other news, my amazing sister + bro in law got me a crock pot for Christmas.  Get phyched to see what crazy things I create with that sucker once I'm back at my apartment next week.  Should be interesting...

Tomorrow I'm headed up north.  I'm sure the snow there will make today's blizzard run feel like nothin'.

Let me just end by saying it feels SO GOOD to have started training.  I feel like I have an ambicious plan, but I'm moving forward with it.  One day at a time.

Keep it real....until tomorrow!

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  1. i kind of wish now that i had picked a 16 week plan. youre getting me pumped!!