Saturday, December 26, 2009

104 days

Merry Belated Christmas!  I am lucky in the fact that my "Chirstmas" is tomorrow because my sis and bro in law just came into town today, so tomorrow is our "Christmas morning" complete with presents in PJ's and a delicious breakfast.  I'm pretty pumped on this "Christmas Eve!"

In other (and probably more important news) there are 104 days until Boston.  Officially my training plan starts on Monday with 16 weeks of hard core running, stretching, cross training, eating, and sleeping right.  Basically training for Boston is going to be my job.  Literally I have told my family and friends that once I fullfill my committments to my two 'real jobs' (as well as be a good daughter/sister/friend) Boston is MY JOB.  I am sacrificing everything to put myself full force into this training.  It is taking first priority for 102 days as I quest for redemption in my marathoning.  I've decided that that is the direction in which I will head with the blog for the next bit. (perhaps the next 104 days!)  I'm not going to necessarily make it ALL about my training, but I do want a place to record what I am doing, how it is working, etc.  This weekend I am working on finalizing training plans, creating a strength and stretching routine for the nighttime, and composing my "wishlist" of things I still need as a runner (a few of which I am hoping to get for Christmas tomorrow!).  I love reading about the training and habits of other runners, so if you're like me, maybe you will come along on my journey with me too!  I'm pumped to put everything into the next 4 months- more than ever before.  Let the good times roll!

See ya for DAY 1 Monday!!!

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  1. ahhhhh 104 days?!? craziness!! i'm dying to see what plan you come up with. i'm torn between two plans, one 16 weeker on the baa website (obv would start monday. eeek!) and hal hingdon's 12 week boston bound plan. i prolly should make a decision soon haha

    can't wait to see how your training goes! and i feel you about boston being your job. i'm taking one less class than my usual (so basically a regular course load haha)so that i can dedicate a HUGE amount of time to training. i am pumped!