Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Things that are awesome Post #1:

1) People who bring their mouse to coffee shops and such because they cannot handle the optical mouse.
2) FREE refills
3) Honeycrisp apples (I like them big)
3) The fact that I got and accepted my FIRST 'REAL JOB'!!

Yes sir, all of my pondering over 32 miles of open trails helped clear my mind and set my decision straight.  I have accepted a part time high school teaching position at a small private school about 45 minutes from where I live!  After an interview and "try-out" teaching, I was offered the position as the current teacher is moving soon.  I was hesitant at first because it is teaching THREE preps, none of which are my certifications.  (I have Biology and Phys Ed certifications)  But, I will be teaching Calculus, Chemistry, and Physics everyday, plus Physical Education twice a week.  It is alot to take on, and I was doubting that I could handle it for a time.  HOWEVER, I am always open for an adventure and a challenge, and the students and staff at the school won me over with their kindness and willingness to help!  It will be an experience, but I am all about collecting life experiences lately, and I know I will learn as much from the students as they will from me.  I'll be at the school all week this week, getting ready, then the students have a one week break and I start 'for real' on October 12th.  Let me say that now that the decision process is over, I am SO PUMPED.  Little minds, ready for me to mold! :)  A real salaried job!  I SO feel like an adult now, and it feels gooood!

No pics really.  I did eat a honeycrisp apple the size of my face today.  It was pretty awesome, as mentioned.  No other blog-worthy foods.  Only a couple more Chobani left :(  Guess I'll have to go out and buy some since they are so delicious! (except for the pineapple)  I've decided to literally eat all of the food in my apartment and start fresh, including the canned goods.  Hopefully I'll remember to take some pics of the random meals of the next few days that will be created. 

Off to plan Chemistry curriculum! Wee!

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  1. congrats on the job! scary? yes. but you totally can handle it. i mean, you just ran a 50k :)