Saturday, October 3, 2009

Cider Mill!

Today, my sis and bro-in-law made a lovely rainy-day trip to our local cider mill by our parents' house!  It was a great trip, complete with randomness.

First stop...cidar and donuts!

Yes, they are 5 years old!  They are in their matching U of M garb, representing in style before the ugly loss occurred...but I digress...Obviously, they are really pumped about their donuts.  Unfortunately, I could not partake in the donuts (gluten) but the cidar was delicious!

Then, we were off to the apple tent! 

I picked up a 1/4 peck of mixed apples for $3.00!!  It was cool, getting to mix and match and by the look of my face, I was pretty excited.  Yes, I get excited by large quantities of produce!

Then, it was time to take sweet pics including this one.

I pretty much think that no explanation in necessary...

On our way out, we hit up the "petting zoo."  I'm not gonna lie, it was totally sad!  All of the soggy animals standing around in a tiny tiny pen!  Poor little goats!  Atleast I got their picture!

"Baaa, baaaa!"

All around- a great morning!  I'm off to run a 1/2 marathon in the morning!  Catch-ya later!  Happy Saturday!


  1. seems like a really fun trip! mmmm cider and donuts and apples :)

    and a half marathon so soon after that 50k? beast! good luck!

  2. nice ROE, wish I still had places like this where I live. saw some soggy goats the other day as well, they seemed to like it :)