Monday, September 21, 2009

Normal Stuff and Spontaneous Visit to the Parents'!

Good evening!

Let me start this post by stating that I live in the hottest apartment known to man. Don't get me wrong, I love my apartment; quiet, great maintenance staff, awesome location (ie within a half mile from both a trader joes and a whole foods!) has to be the most sweat inducing 500 square feet in the world. I live in a place where it will be zero degrees outside in no time, but I don't think I have ever closed my window in the one and a half years I have lived there. The only relief comes from the in-wall air conditioner that costs me about 500$ a minute to run! (I try to only use it when I'm doing ab work in front of it as my 'reward'. ha.) I am a great sleeper, but this proposes a challenge even to me and I lay in my tiny bed sweating at night. Soooo, with that said, I jumped at the chance for a spur-of-the-moment visit home to my parents' for the night. But let's back up...

This morning began with a pretty typical breakfast of late; smoothie made with half a frozen banana, 1/2 cup skim, rice protein powder, and lots of ice and water. Along side is a Jam Franka and a big 'ol ICED coffee this morning. The white cup is from my favorite bakery back home, and I reuse it even though it is disposable! Yes, I'm that good to the environment. PS. Jam Franka = yum.

Then it was off to middle school today. Yikes, forgot how much fun those kids are! Lots of energy, that is for sure. On top of it, I was feeling 'off' all day (ie nauseous). I think my body was begging for a rest day, which I did indeed give it. Every month, whether I need it or not I guess!

I busted open my lunchbox at lunch. Tuna, nectarine, apple, and mixed veggies. I ended up only eating the tuna and nectarine because the other 'fibrous' things were not appealing. Later I ate an unpictured chobani and cereal on my way back home.

Do I even need to mention how sweet my lunchbox is? Yeah, I didn't think so! It is a Scooby Doo metal lunchbox that I totally decorated over in middle or early high school. Equally sweet is the fact that I am now a certified teacher and college graduate and still carrying it. Yeah well, I told you I'm pretty environmentally friendly!

After school, I had an errand to run that was halfway between my apartment and my parents' house. This is where the genius plan happens. I also had a couple of things to drop off and pick up at my parents' house, so my mom suggested I just come home and make the trip back to my place tomorrow morning. Genius because it means that I will have a cool, big bed to sleep in. (*insert angel chorus here*) Since I don't like to be a total freeloader, I did bring home and make a big pot of corn chowder for my parents and I. This is one of our favorite fall meals. It is a mix from Frontier Soups and it really hit the spot. This picture does not do justice to its deliciousness.
My pop and I are going to catch up on the season premier of Survivor! We have been watching Survivor together since the Season 2 when I was in middle school! Then, its early to bed for me because I have a 4:15am wakeup call to run and make the hour long drive back to work. High School tomorrow- hopefully alittle more chill than today!

Keep it real peeps!

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  1. heh i am a SHAMELESS freeloader when i go home. way to actually give back ;)

    and that is a frickin sweet @ss lunchbox. i'm wicked jelly here.