Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Journey...back to reality....

It all started could you ever leave a place as beautiful as this!?!?!

Alas, summer has ended and the drive home downstate needed to be made. Here is the story of the journey.

At first it was good times. Me in my huge orange 5$ sunglasses.....

Willie the weisel my fav traveling bobble-head companion keeping me company....

My dipoloma randomly in a frame on the floor on top of 3 pairs of running shoes....

Driving 85mph in the 70mph zone on the freeway.....while taking pics of the odometer.....

"Uh-oh I hope I don't get pulled over." Obviously in this pic I am sad as well because it had gotten dark-ish and I had to take off my bad ass sunglasses.

No more iced coffee.....I must be close to home! (and a nod to my ghetto-tastic phone chillin in the next cupholder!)

And upon getting home, all I could think of was being back on this......

Ahhh summer! So nice!
In other news, I received some coupons from stonyfield to sample their greek yogurt. I am a huge greek yogurt/dairy fan so I'm pumped to try some of their products. I plan to use these coupons next week and do a review then, as I am headed out of town tomorrow to Chicago! Thanks Stonyfield!
Congrats on getting through this post. If there is anyone out there reading, please leave me a comment so I feel alittle less like I am talking to myself. Have a great day! :)
Peace, Love, and Running,


  1. i'm reading! i'm reading! :) that lake is beautiful, where is it? and i love that the diploma is on the floor of the car on top of running shoes hahaha

  2. I'm reading it! You are on my blogroll, so I read every post you write haha! That lake looks sooo beatiful, you are lucky to be able to waterski!

  3. Lol! You make driving entertaining. I would have landed myself in a ditch somewhere had I not been looking at the road! That takes some skills. Love the sunglasses, btw. Where did you get them? I have some straight up nineties glasses that I looovve. Haha.