Tuesday, October 5, 2010

6, 5 - Freaking. Out.

Yeah, true story.  I'm freaking out.

I'm working tons this week Tuesday-Thursday, yet my mind is on the marathon pretty much 24/7.  I feel completely out of whack in terms of only easy/short running and getting so nervous.  My eating feels all screwed up too- either I forget to eat/feel horrible and not hungry, or am eating for like 24 hours straight...which also ends up feeling not-so-good.  I blame it on the fact that my body isn't used to this little running!  And, sleeping is nonexistant.  Getting up at 3:30 was rough today, not only because it is 3:30, but because it is basically the middle of the night, I am always worried I will sleep through my alarm and so therefore I wake up 30000x during the night, which never usually happens for me!  Ugggh.  I just need this week done.

Teaching is going OK though.  I'm pretty on top of things in that area, which is always nice.  And my students like to ask me 101 questions about my running which always gets us off task and on tangents, but I never mind because I have a small obsession with running (in case you haven't got that yet) and I love telling my students about its joy!

Yeah, so I guess not much to report here.  I'm at a coffee shop because I was feeling like I needed to get out of my apartment after I got home, even though I'd been gone for 13 hours.  But I had already cleaned out my car, the kitchen, done tons of laundry and other stuff to get my jitters out, which wasn't working.  So I choose coffee shop.

Ok, I gotta go.  Alarm is again set for the pre-4am hour.  One day closer....

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  1. yeah i need this week to be OVER as well. and i'm not even running a marathon! ugh to a pre-4am alarm. you are hardcore. i don't think i can get myself to do a pre-5am now!

    and woooooooooot to tangent about running. i love doing the same thing at the clinic