Friday, October 8, 2010


Well, thanks for the comments/messages!  I'm feeling *slightly* better today after some good sleeps last night.  And, I'm in Chicago at my sis' and bro-in-laws, so there is no turning back now!

Getting to the airport was a bit of an adventure though.  Traffic forced me to reroute completely on all side streets, rather than the freeway.  Then, half of the security terminals were closed, forcing everyone into one place.  After waiting forever, the security guard yelled at me for not taking off my sweatshirt (but I wasn't wearing anything under!?!?!) and then they had to pull me aside and frisk me and touch the bottom of my feet?? for some reason while all of my stuff (laptop, phone, bags, were someplace else I couldn't see.  Annoying.  Then, I dropped my ID and boarding pass on the bathroom floor, which would be OK except I am a total germaphobe......Good times.  But, I made it here at last.  We visited "The Worlds Biggest Whole Foods" for dinner tonite and a few groceries.  They even have a "trail mix bar" (ie my favorite food ever) which was stocked with all of my favorite things.  So, I got a great mix for POST marathon.  Which is sealed luckily.....

Anyways, it feels great to be here and be able to chill.  No running today, and a couple mile shakeout tomorrow.  We also have a farmer's market visit planned along with the expo.  And of course THE big game (ie U of M vs MSU).  My sis is a die hard U of M alum.  And, although I'm not die hard....I am an alum.  So we should have a nice afternoon of game watching and relaxing.  Sounds perfect to me!

Have a good day everyone!  :)

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  1. how exciting! you are there :) YAY! gooooooooooood luck my dear!