Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekly blogging = laaaame

So I totally am not meaning to blog this infrequently, but my internet situation has gotten dire.  As in, my internet rarely works anymore at home (read: never.)  So, it is impossible for me to blog.  Never fear though, I braved the Sunday night coffee shop crowd in order to inform y'all what I have been up to- I know that many were sitting on pins and needles wondering....

This past week was very legit, workout-wise.  My cross training has been going well and I can't wait to progress further with it.  I hit up 2 spin classes last week, including a 90 minute one at the Y that left me sweating more than humanly possible.  I also got in 3 core/strength classes, and a couple of swim sessions.  My milage is still on the low end, just under 60 miles for the week I believe?  But, although I know that I still have lots more work to do and need to continue to build more into my schedule, I'm feeling decent about where I'm starting from.

Today was a very nice day for a long run!  Although it snowed waaay more than preferable yesterday, and the temps were lingering in the teens all day, the sun was out and that in itself was a mood booster!  I biggest mood booster was getting to run with a friend in a new town!  There is something about running with good company that make the miles so much more enjoyable.  We did a 3 loop route which broke up the run nicely (4.5, 8, 4.5) for a total of 17 miles.  Since I haven't been running more than 8 or 10 miles at one time (and my longest run since Chicago last fall was 11 miles!) I was pleased that I was able to hit 17 without it being too bad.  Maybe all hope is not lost on me yet?  Only time will tell...

I also braved the ice bath post-run.  It was tough though because by the time I drove home and got ice, I was freezing!  I think that it helped my legs, but tomorrow will be the judge of that.  They are feeling great right now, so I'm hoping some foam rolling and an early bedtime and all will be well!

Well, I'll *try* to update more if my internet magically starts happening.  Until then, I wish everyone good runs and good times! :)  Bring on the new week!

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