Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wait...another week went by!?!?

That title is seriously how I feel!  Time is flying- between workx2 and workouts and driving and suddenly the week is over! 

I'm going to make this snappy because I'm at a coffee shop (stupid internet is STILL completely MIA) and I'm hungry and ready for some fro yo dinner- post 'LR' treat! :)

This week went really well, training wise.  Well actually, it went really well in general- but I feel like my small number of readers cares mostly about the running'/training.  I'll sum it up, as quickly as I can since I'm not posting daily anymore!

Monday- Did an easy 6 mile recovery after LR on Sunday.  It was early and freezing but my legs legit felt great so I through in a couple of 0.75 mile hill repeats.  Reminded me of Boston training last year!  Ugh.  I hate hills.  Then, I swam which felt amazing.  PM brought about 75 minutes of core training with a group.  Lots of squats and lunges = hurts so good.

Tuesday- VERY good workout.  I had to make it count in a limited amount of time because I was working 4am-4pm between the two jobs and then had a soccer game at 8pm.  I was sleepy, but it ended up being an unexpectedly good run with 7 miles @ 7:10 pace (2 @ 7:35ish, then 5 @7:00ish)  Finished off the 10 miles with a slow 3 mile cooldown.  My legs were pretty tired after this, but I still dominated at  My team lost miserably.  I think we're in a 'building' year.....

Wednesday- hit up another early 6 miler.  Slow. Dark. Icy.  Post-work a ran a few more treadmill miles before core class then cycle at the new gym I joined.  Love the instructor.  Love her music.  It was spritual.  Only downfall is being out until 9pm before working Thursday morning.  Ha, I'm such a Grandma!

Thursday- again working at the bakery means only 1 workout.  This time it was a snowy 7 miler at run club with my friend Mike.  He is training again after 6 months off due to injury.  This makes me happy.

Friday- LOVED Friday.  Got up early early and was on my apartment treadmill before 4am.  Knocked out 6 miles at 7:50 pace which I consider "speedy" for the early my body is pretty confused for the first 3 miles or so.  Got caught up on random TV news shows.  Then headed off to my cycle class from 6am-7:30.  Besides hurting my butt, it was good.  Finished off with a swim.  A reverse triathalon.  Picked up my favorite coffee and lots of food from a local place I love.  Then, got to hear my coworkers talk about my food...ugh, so annoying.  Always commenting on what/how much/how little/how often I eat.  Laaame.

Saturday (today)- had to work at the bakery at 7am.  Set the alarm for 4am to hit out my run beforehand.  Alarm went off- I hit snooze.  Went off again- and I reset it for 6:30am.  My body was not moving.  Went to work and debated a rest day before my cut-back LR tomorrow.  Then got the brilliant idea to just do my run when I got off work.  It was 7 degrees out, so I didn't have to worry about a heat wave running at 3pm.  Got off work.  Headed home.  Changed without thinking.  Started running.  Decided to do the full 15 miles right then and there.  Hit the first few sub 8s, even though my legs were so stiff because I couldn't feel them.  Decided to 'make it hurt' a bit and keep the pace throughout.  The whole run I kept even pace (between 7:35-8:08 = even for me!).  I felt like I was running away from the 2 hour mark the whole time!  Finished hard- the last mile hurt- in 1:58 and change.  Really happy.  Faster than I was training this fall, but I still have a ways to go.  Proud of a good run in tough conditions after work.  Now it is off my plate for tomorrow!

So yeah, there you have it!  Easy run for tomorrow to cap off 60 miles, plus I am planning on legit sleeping for 13+ hours.  Looking forward to not going anywhere tomorrow besides the grocery store (which I never got to last week meaning I ate PB and old freezer-burned GF bread all week for dinner).  Prep work, cleaning, is it sad that I'm looking SO forward to this low key day?

Ok, that isn't such a short post after all!  I do have to go though because I'm getting weird looks for refilling my water glass so often here...hmmmm..

Fro yo time!  Have a good night everyone!

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