Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hoping they get better from here...

Well, unfortunately my blogging didn't happen as often as planned this week.  This was mostly due to the fact that my bootleg internet at my apartment decided to be 100% absent once I got back on Monday and throughout the rest of the week.  :(  Not cool.

Furthermore, despite my best laid plans, my training didn't go as great as planned.  Monday- Wednesday were good but Thursday and Friday it was not possible as I was sick.  I hardly ever take unplanned rest days, but it simply was not possible.  So I feel like I gained some momentum, but am now 'starting over'.  Which is frustrating.

I'm also looking into joining a second gym (thanks to a new friend I met through the blog!)  I'm really excited about the prospects of this gym (more classes, crosstraining opportunities, multiple locations, better hours) but stressed about the cost.  I'm also trying to save for a destination marathon as well is well....survive the decision is a big one.  If I can make it work though, I really want to do it!

Today, I did a quick 5 miler this morning.  It was 9 degrees.  I'm so over winter!  Tonite I defend my title at the "Ididarun" - a crazy trail race that I did last year and ended up winning (probably because it is through a foot of snow for 8+ miles, in the dark, and it was 5 degrees so there weren't many people!)  Anyway, I'm excited to reconnect with my running group and do the race for fun- no pressure- as I am still not feeling 100%.  Should be a good time.

So this is just me saying that I did not fall off the face of the earth (and blogging) yet, and will hopefully do a better job with blogging, training, and life in the week ahead!  I'm hoping I still have a few blog readers out there and I promise that I will attempt to make these posts a bit more interesting!

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