Sunday, June 20, 2010

Good things ahead

A (hopefully!) quick post because I've been cleaning allll day and need a break!

My Friday was totally fun, running-wise.  As I mentioned, I needed to visit the businesses connected to my bakery as part of my orientation.  My bakery is part of a 'community of businesses' that each operate independently, yet are connected by name and people.  So, I had to visit the Deli in downtown, the Roadhouse, and finally the Bakehouse (where I work!) that also contains our Creamery and Coffee Company.  Later, I found out I also needed to visit Mail Order which added another 3 mile round trip from the Bakehouse.  No biggie though, I got the whole circuit done in about 14 miles at a relaxed 8:04min/mile pace.  I left during the heat of the day, but that just made the XL fountain diet coke I purchased at the end of the route (McD's right by the Bakehouse) all the more delicious!  Don't hate on the diet coke.  It was delicious.  Much better than water.....

The most fun, was seeing all of the managers give me crazy looks at all of the locations!  Although everyone must 'visit' the locations, I was the first person ever to do it on foot apparently...go figure....At the service office they even gave me a "Tour de Food" T-shirt and tote bag!  (shirts are really big at my business, there is seriously a shirt for everything!)  Luckily, the service office was at the Bakehouse so I could stick it in my locker.  Overall, it was a fun day!  I had to change, then study for my 'final' test before taking the test and taking one last class to complete orientation.  Hello $0.50 /hour raise!  Orientation is supposed to take 60 days, but with my other job, it took me almost a year! I hate to think of the money I lost out on, but atleast it is done now!

Afterward, I had to wait for the bus to get home, because I wasn't going to change back into sweaty running clothes, and 14 miles was enough for me for the day.  Waiting for the bus + bus ride + switch bus downtown + another busride took almost 2 hours!  Longer than the run itself.  Lameee...And it was 6pm and I hadn't had lunch.  Lammme again.  Sticking a spoon in the PB jar upon entering my apartment never tasted so good!

Yesterday, I worked "Camp Bacon" at th bakery, which is basically a 'Street Fair" full of everything bacon!  Bacon-Apple Donuts, Bacon Bread, Bacon Cookies, Bacon Coffee cake- yeah, it's pretty nuts.  I was there for almost 12 hours- which is a good start for my 'raise'. lol. 

And today = packing and CLEANING.  and running.  It feels so good to have my apartment all clean!  My mom is actually staying with me tonite here so I had to do an extra special job!  We're 'road tripping' to Chicago to visit my sis tomorrow, when I get off work!  Originally is was just me going, but my mom decided to tag along.  I'm picking her up in a bit alongside the freeway as her and my dad are driving home from up north!  Craziness.  But it will be nice to see her, as it has been several weeks. 

Tomorrow morning I'm going to attempt to run to the Bakery!  Since my mom will be here all day and need my car to do stuff, I thought it might be fun to run to work!  It is about 8 miles if I go straight there, and I *should* have clean clothes in my locker to put on.  I figure if I leave at 4am I can get there with enough time to stop sweating, 'paper-towel shower' and change.  Then, my mom can pick me up after my shift and we will be off!

I'm really excited for the next few days.  I feel like my summer is FINALLY starting.  I'm done teaching, and have 6 days off from work.  I get to road trip to see my sis, then my mom and I are headed up north for a few days.  I'm so excited to just relax and not be thinking about work and everything.  Plus, mom + sis = good food for me!  Always a plus!

On the running front - one more 'slacker' week for me.  (ie 60-70 miles of 'unplanned running).  Legit training resumes a week from Monday.  I'm devising my plan and getting EXCITED! :)

So much for a short post....

I'm out!!                                                                                                                              

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  1. i shall NEVER hate on the diet coke :) can't wait to see your non-slacker routine...i should get on that as well...