Thursday, June 17, 2010

Good running, good people, good day

Today = good day. 

4am wasn't too bad to wakeup to.  I got a super easy 5 miles in at 7:58 pace around the streets before heading off to work.  It's difficult for me to go much faster than 8min pace at that time because a) I literally roll out of bed and go and b) its super dark and I don't want to fall!

I worked a short shift for a coworker today.  I've worked alot of bakery hours this week, which is good for the $$ especially cuz I'm barely working next week.  After coming home and crashing for a quick nap (that was over much too soon!) I had to go back to work to take an orientation class.  Ironically, although I've been working in the kitchen at the bakery for almost a year (and in restaurants for 8+ years) I had to take "Food Safety."  My workplace has all these classes that you must take in the first 2 months in order to get a raise.  Because of my teaching schedule, I've been unable to take most of the classes which means, no raise.  So, I've made it my mission to finish them this week!

Post-food safety was Thursday night run club.  Lots of people were there tonite and it was totally nice.  Mike and I went off on our own on a different loop.  We were totally cruising and I felt great for the first time in awhile.  We hit 7 miles @ 7:31 pace and I seriously felt like I could have ran a marathon at that pace.  (Which is my I guess that's a good thing!)  It was super-hot though and I was dressed in all black cotton which I don't recommend.  The run was a serious negative split too, with the last miles in the 7:20s.  Another thing I love about running with Mike!

Tomorrow is the first day in FOREVER that I don't have to work an early Friday bakery shift, and obviously I don't have to teach.  I have to go into the bakery in the afternoon for my last class and to take some tests.  But my morning is open!  I plan to do a run to all of the businesses that are apart of my bakery.  It is part of our training to visit each one (they are stationed around the city) and get signed off on a sheet.  I asked my manager if I could run to them, and he laughed, but said yes!  Should be a 10-15 mile round trip.  Talk about killing two birds with one stone! 

Should be a good day.  Hope everyone our there has a good one too!  I'm excited to sleeeep innnnn.

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  1. enjoy the open morning tmrw (or by the time you read

    awesome that you get to run to all the businesses. very cool :)