Wednesday, June 30, 2010

102 - ahhh summer

It is days like today that make me realize why I live in Michigan.  Why I put up with snow and ice and sub zero temps for most months out of the year.  Michigan summers are perfect.  Today was one of those days.  Sunny, breezy, and perfect for running. 

Started the day with an early 5 miler around the parents' house.  I overslept by like an hour (ha) so I was rushing.  Glad I got it in though- for me 'waking up' isn't totally complete without a run!  Rushed around, and got out of the parents' house with a few minutes to spare, so that I could get back to my apartment for my running meetup with Mike.  He showed up early which worked out because even though I was in the process of unpacking my car of the accumulation of crap from the last week, I abandoned the effort so we could get to running.  Lunch was planned for post-run and I was already hungry!  We chatted through a lovely 8 miles on one of my favorite routes.  Lots to talk about since we hadn't seen each other for almost 2 weeks!  Then, breakfast for lunch.  Mmmm, perfect.

Now for some reason my (pirated) internet at my apartment doesn't seem to be working so I'm blogging coffee shop style.  My "workweek" starts tomorrow with 3 days at the bakery.  I've had some time away, so I'm cool with going back.  The only problem is that it interferes with my running!  Looks like it will be an early one tomorrow morning.  Then, Mike and I have a chill-ish tempo planned for run club in the evening.  I'm hoping I can handle it!  My body is feeling the fatigue of upping my miles, but I'm trying to ride it out.  I got a new pair of shoes tonite to try tomorrow which always helps! :)

That's it from here.  Hope all is well out there blog-o-sphere! :) 

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  1. ugh jealous of your michigan summer. i think we need to become migratory people. head to FL or CA in the winter and then head north during the summer!