Monday, November 15, 2010

Long time, no blog!

Oh man, I haven't blogged in FOREVER.  I'm sure my devoted few readers missed me.  Honestly, I feel like I haven't had a whole lot of blog-worthy stuff going on.  My running has been good, but unplanned and pretty low milage.  The rest of my life is spent working or driving!  Hmm, I'll try to sum up a few highlights from the last week or so.....

Stream of consciousness time...The top 10 of the week:

1) I FINALLY got back in the pool for a formal swim session on Friday.  It has been atleast 6 months since I did any formal pool work and it felt GREAT.  I did 30 minutes on Friday and felt good except my triceps were sore/tired afterward!  Which was OK by me, especially since that is an area I really want to tone up.  I was looking at pictures from my sisters' wedding 2 years ago (when I was swimming alot at the time) and LOVE how my arms looked in my strapless dress!  So I'm a bit motivated by  Today I hit up the pool for 45 minutes of straight freestyle.  Felt amazing.

2) I've also started strength training regularly.  I took a core class at the local running shop last Monday, then repeated the routine again on my own last week.  I really need the core work and I'm *trying* to get into it, it is just hard because I always go for the running when crunched for time.  But, right now I'd rather hit up lower milage + core vs. extra miles.  It is the 'off season' for me afterall!

3) The best run of my week by far was yesterday when I met up with a new friend/blog reader for a lovely winter-y feeling run.  We cruised the roads along a new route for 7ish miles where we met up.  Then, proceeded to drink coffee and chat it up for 2+ more hours!  Such a nice treat on a blustery Sunday!  I'm hoping for more of these runs to come!

4) Second best run was tonite when I met up with my mom post-work for a quick sunset run.  I love running with my mom!  And then we made grilled cheeses!  Niccce.

5) I'm currently watching "Dancing with the Stars" with my parents.  Being at their house for the night = nice.  This show = lame.  My parents' quarkiness = awesome.

6) I am sooo ready for Thanksgiving.  Up-north.  4 days off from both jobs.  Good food.  Family.  Enough said.

7) I feel totally weird not having any race goals set in stone right now.  I really don't mind not having a training plan, but I'm getting anxious not having a set race on the horizon even.  This may need to be remedied soon.

8) I don't have to work at the bakery tomorrow morning.  Best. Morning. Ever.  So, I will get to run, and do core before work!  Plus, post-work I'm running again with my running group at a "light fest" run.  2x running and 1xjobs = how ever day should be.

9) I've noticed my bullet points are getting shorter, which further exemplifies the fact that I don't have a whole lot of exciting stuff to talk about.

10) Yeah, I better just end this now.

Ok, well that about sums up my life.  I'll try to keep updated more regularly from here on out!  Have a good night everyone! :)

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