Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Apparently I stink at Blogging....

So yeah, where did life go?  My life is so crazy busy it seems, plus I have like no set schedule with anything so I've gotten out of the blogging habit!  Hopefully, I can get back into it!

Soo...what's been going on?

Work, work, work.  I will spare y'all, because if you are a reader, you know I already whine about that enough!  So what do you do when working sucks away your life/blogging time?  Blog from work!  Currently my 7th graders are working on a paper so I took this opportunity to sit in the back of the class and blog..lol.  Teachers are human too!  I'm currently on day 9 of work in a row, with one more day to go before I get 4 WHOLE DAYS off from both jobs!  I did an extra market on Sunday (my normal 'weekend') and therefore, headed right back into this short week with no break.  Needless to say, I'm SO READY for thanksgiving!  Tomorrow will be a super long day; bakery morning, teaching until 2:30pm (seriously, who does that?) then driving home to my parents, dumping all the food that I bought for thanksgiving at the market into their car along with my stuff, and leaving for up north packed into the car!  4-5 hours later, we will get there...hopefully.  My sis and bro in law will be meeting us tomorrow night too.  I. Am. So. Pumped.  I picked up a 20lb. turkey from a farmer at the market that sells in the booth next to us.  20lbs of turkey, 5 of my family.  Yeah, there will be alot of leftovers!  But, I'm totally OK with that.  Mmmm, turkey.  My sis and I actually have a really good menu planned of mostly in-season, local foods.  I repeat- I. Am. So. Pumped.  4 days of food, family, and no work.  Yess indeedy.

So running.  Yeah.  It's been...going.  I actually got in a few quality swims in the last week, plus core work.  It feels great to be in the pool.  Last Tuesday was the light fest run, that I mentioned.  It was freezing rain, but alot of fun!  Two people from my running club and I ran together and had a good time taking pictures by the light displays and messing around.  Nothing else really monumentous.  Honestly, with work, my exercise in general has been much less than normal, which I'm OK with right now.  Yesterday was good though- 10 miles split.  It was misty and rainy but WARM.  T-shirt and shorts weather.  I did 6 miles in the morning, and couldn't resist tacking on a shake out 4 miler after work.  Amazing.  Except when I fell.  Yeah, I'm a dork.  I have a headlamp, but didn't wear it because I was running in the 'city' at night (vs. country roads).  There is one spot going uphill with about a 1/2 mile to my apartment that is pitch dark.  A car came over the hill with its brights on and I was temporarily blinded while I tried to move into the dirt shoulder (I was already in the bike lane.)  I rolled my ankles and got totally dirty and alittle scraped, but mostly my pride was injured!

Today started out warm and rainy, but the temp has been dropping all day.  Unfortunately, my run has to wait until the evening as I was at the bakery at the 4am hour today.  Popular bakery + days before thanksgiving = craziness.  I was actually HAPPY to get out of there today to go teach!  I'm thinking a pull-off-the-freeway-randomly run is in order for tonite!  I will wear my headlamp though!  Even though I look like a freak in it.....

Ok, that's it from here!  My head is spinning with all of the stuff I need to get done and packed up and such in the next 28 hours or so.  And what is really on my mind is Thanksgivingthanksgivingthanksgiving..........

And being UP NORTH!  Its been since Labor Day...much too long! :)


  1. hahaha. i blog from work all the time too (and comment -- like i'm doing now) :)

  2. Lol. I look like such a dork with my headlamp on. It leaves a nice imprint on my forehead. Sexy! Haha.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family :) I bet your meal will be amazing!