Sunday, August 23, 2009

running, running, running...

Blogs are weird. It feels like writing as though you are talking to someone, but you don't know who! I am fairly certain that no one has yet read my blog, but you have to start somewhere, right?

Yesterday I ran the Crim 10 mile race. I didn't have any great expectations going into it, but it turned out better than expected. I ended up taking 1 minute off of my time from last year and hitting a 6:51/mile pace without feeling like I was going all out. (This is good for me ;) Probably the highlight of the day was when myself and about 10 other women snuck upstairs in the convention center to use the 'forbidden' bathroom because the lines were so long. Only minutes after we did this, a police officer came and stopped other women from doing so. Sweeet.

Today, alittle more running for me - maybe 10 miles or so? Probably some with my parents because I'm still at their house until tomorrow. I really treasure being able to put in some miles with them - yeah, that sounds corny! But it's true! Not too many people are able to share that with their parents, and I truly feel lucky to be doing so.

Probably some other back-to-my-apartment preparations today as well. As much as I am bummed to be riding out the tail end of summer, I feel ready to get on with my life in the "Real World." Yikes!

Ok, back to coffee before I head out!

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