Friday, August 28, 2009

Aren't we all craving alittle "normal" right about now?

It was brought to my attention yesterday by a relative stranger that blogging is lame because no one 'normal' has a life that is exciting enough to share with the world. This made me think: 1) This is probably true. 2) I certainly don't think my life is that noteworthy. 3) Wait! Why am I doing this then? The thing is, I love reading blogs. It's not just about the food or recipes or pictures or training that I love. It is the everyday. When it comes down to it, there really are only a few "blogworthy" moments that occur in a lifetime. But the "everyday" happens, well, everyday! And in a world of reality TV, garlic flavored ice cream, celebrity public meltdowns, and mail-order brides, there is something comforting about normalcy. I don't promise anything spectacular with my blog, but I do promise to keep it real. If you're cool with that- read on! If not, that's fine too. It is in the most basic of days and tasks that we feel most connected to those around us.

So, what's a 'normal' non-work day like for T-Mart? Generally, ok ALWAYS, it includes a run (today an easy 8 mile recovery), good eats, errands, job hunting, and some mindless TV. The same things are included on a work day except with much more focus and less procrastination! A 'normal' lunch? Well, I'm still working on that, as I am a fan of random combinations such as this:

Yummy fresh green beans with a chunk of string cheese and cottage cheese with raspberries!

Oh cottage cheese! How I've negected you! Alas, we are reunited as you provide such a delicious source of dairy protein without making me need to sell a kidney to afford you (ahem...greek yogurt...).

And we can't forget one of the more amazing parts of lunch:
Yes, that would be a frosty and delicious diet coke in the world's cutest glass! Oh yeah, I said it "diet coke!" If you think this is going to be one of "those" blogs full of tofu and coconut water and green monsters- think again! While I love reading and respect those people- that's not me. I try to keep it healthy and all but like I said, I'm all about keeping it real!

Well, if you made it through this rambling of a post, congrats! If you didn't, better luck next time. Wait, I guess if you didn't then you wouldn't still be reading this stuff that I'm typing now. Crap, there goes that logic!

Peace, Love, and Running!

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  1. hey, found your blog through rwol. i totally know how you feel about rambling posts, at first i felt all mine were like that haha :) plus diet coke = my water so i think i'm going to enjoy reading your blog heh