Sunday, February 6, 2011

Another week closer to spring!

And yikes, I am totally ready!  Got snow dumped on us this week (snow day, yay!) but I would have totally traded a day off from work for NOT having snow. 

But anyway...

This week, training-wise was *ok.*  I actually felt kind of bad about it on a daily basis, but looking back over the week, I'm satisfied.  I'll just hit up the highlights, rather than hitting it up day by day, because that is what I'm feeling tonite.

Wednesday was the snow day ie: 12 miles on the treadmill.  I'm actually getting kind of 'into' these mid-week treadmill runs as a way to build some mental toughness.  This one was rough because I was home at my parents' house so I went to the tiny gym (where I've literally never paid for in years).  We got there at 10:30ish (my mom and I) and they were closing at noon for some reason, so I had incentive to hurry!  Busted out the 12 miles at 8:08 pace or so.  Shout out of thanks to my mama for finishing her workout and walking to Kroger to get me a Crack-berry Zero.  (aka the best powerade zero ever).  Yessir, I was sweaty!  Shout out also to the snowday for allowing me to sleep for 3 additional hours, post-run/lunch.  Yes, that was nice.

Thursday was my pseudo 'long-run' day because I was planning to race a 5K this morning with my friend (more on that later.)  Unfortunately, I had to split it, because of work so I know it is not *quite* as good.  Hit up 10 easy miles on a good treadmill pre-work.  Post-work hit up the country roads in the falling darkness for another 8 miles.  I challenged myself to hit the first 4 below MP.  It was an out and back 2 miler each way, and since I didn't have my headlamp, I had to get it done before dark.  The first 2 miles felt easy, but as I turned around I realized it was because the wind had been at my back!  Running back into the wind was character building and I was falling apart by the last mile.  Splits = 7:34, 7:15, 7:17, 7:07.  Nice.  The last 4 miles felt easy.  All was well with the world.

Triathlon Friday = run, bike, swim.  All went well.  Love me 3 hours of work-out bliss before work!

Saturday- saw an awesome shooting star at 4:30am, during a 10 miler.  My eyelashes froze to my face.  It was awesome.

Sunday- was supposed to be my 5K day, but my friend was too sick so I too opted out and instead slept for a glorious 14 hours.  Then did 10 miles.  Negative splitted them to get exactly 8:00minute pace average.  Which I'm happy with considering the weather/terrain, but unhappy with how difficult it felt.  All week, running hasn't felt as 'effortless' as I would like.  Hopefully that is because I am increasing my milage and also cross training much more (which I haven't included in this recap so much).  Dunno.  My whole right leg was sort of numb and not really moving well by the last mile.  Totally strange.

So yeah, there you have it.  I skipped some stuff I did, and obviously the runs/workouts on M/Tues but overall, those were the highlights.  Hoping this week feels alittle better.  Happy to hit 72 miles though!  Now I'm off to eat and pack up for the week!  Stay warm and snow free everyone and have fantastic weeks!

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  1. niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice running.

    and sleeping. 14 hours?! man i think i got that the entire weekend ;)

    i canNOT wait for spring. i've got a countdown going hahah