Sunday, March 13, 2011

skip a i am!

I know you were all worried, but I didn't completely fall off the face of the earth....

Actually, the week before this past week turned into a total bust.  First, I totally messed up my hamstrings Tuesday night taking a strength training class.  The combo of the class and my complete lack of muscular strength, some tempo miles that night, and a slightly inclined 13 miles on the treadmill the next morning, left my legs completely zonked.  Which made me have to pull back a bit on my milage for the next few days in hopes of rallying for my long run on Sunday.  Which didn't end up happening because I got extremely sick Saturday night (due to some GI problems I have) which made it impossible to run more than a few, slow, dehydrated miles on Sunday.  So basically, the week turned into a wash.

This past week has been better though.  Although the said GI stuff isn't completely gone which has decreased my eating and hense my energy level more than I would like.  Other than feeling more sluggish and labored on runs than I should, they have been good overall.  Highlights included an 11 miler on Tuesday with 7 miles at 7:29 pace.  Wednesday was a wet and freezing 14 miler outside at a oh-my-gosh-my-legs-are-moving-so-slowly pace.  Friday I did 10 miles before cycle class right around 8 min pace, and then had a really great cycle class.  Since I had to work today and not yesterday, I did my long run yesterday.  18 miles of not-so-confidence-building running.  I'm not sure if it was the week catching up to me or what, but I felt exhausted and run down the whole time.  And the wind was bad.  My pace was slow.  But I got it done.

Really what is stressing me the most right now is not the milage or putting in the work or the actual runs I'm accomplishing, but how they are feeling.  It's not a matter of being able to run X:XX pace or whatever, but it is the level of effort that I'm feeling when doing so.  I was hoping by now my pace would be dropping more, but also it would be getting easier to accomplish that pace drop.  So I guess my confidence is a bit shaken right now in that regard because it is difficult to imagine doing what I want to do over 26.2 miles.  Oh well, still 12 weeks until Newport.

Overall, good week:
- 2 core classes
- 2 cycle classes
- 2 lovely swims
- 81 miles :)

Let's get the next one started!

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